The Best Ab 
Exercise Machines for 
Rock-Hard Abs

If you’re working out at the gym and are looking for the best ab exercise machines to enhance your workout, there's good news. 

There are quite a few machines that will quickly tone your core.

In addition, some regular exercise equipment at the gym can also be used to strengthen your core and other groups of muscles at the same time.

The Best Ab Exercise Machines at the Gym

• Ab Roller:

The ab roller is a small and versatile machine that will support you as you roll up to crunch your abs, targeting deep abdominal muscles while providing support to the head and neck.

The ab roller also has an armrest so that you can relax your shoulders and focus completely on the crunch without strain. This is an ideal choice in exercise machines for anyone with a neck or shoulder injury that has a difficult time performing a crunch.

• Pull-Up Bar:

You may not realize it but a pull-up bar is great for working your back, upper body, and especially your core.

If you want to target several muscle groups at the same time, this machine is the way to go.

When you perform a pull-up or assisted pull-up, focus on tightening your core as you complete the movement. This will ensure that your core is targeted as you work your upper body in this exercise.

• Rowing Machine:

A rowing machine does wonders to boost your heart rate, burn calories, and greatly increase your core strength.

If you want to workout your whole body while you work your abs, use this machine for 30 minutes a day for cardiovascular activity.

• Ab Wheel:

An ab wheel is another choice in exercise machines that you are likely to find at the gym or for home use.

This is a simple piece of equipment that is not ideal for beginners because it can cause serious strain on the abdominals if it is not used properly.

However, if you want to amp up your workout routine, the ab wheel is the perfect choice. Make sure to have a spotter with you to ensure that you are engaging your abdominals safely and effectively when using this machine.

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