What Are the Best Arm Exercises for Women? Get Sexy Fast!

For women, the upper back and shoulders often have less fat than the rest of the body. This is why when you use the right arm exercises for women, you can see immediate results and have an almost instant makeover to boot.

By using the right arm exercises, you will be able to make a dramatic difference in the shape and appearance of your upper body. These exercises will help to improve your posture, stabilize your shoulder joints, and give you the definition that you have been hoping for.

It is best to perform arm exercises with 5 to 8 pound weights in 15 repetitions per exercise. If you want to keep your heart rate up, you can go from one exercise to the next with very little rest in between. Do 3 sets of the exercises 3 times per week to see the greatest results in your workout routine.

Arm Exercises for Women: The Pullover

The pullover is an excellent choice for a first exercise.

1. Start out lying back on a stability ball with your knees bent in front of you.

2. Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell directly over your chest with both hands, and keep your torso parallel to the floor.

3. Make sure that your core remains engaged at all times with your hips lifted, and extend your arms directly over your head so that they form a straight line with your body.

4. Slowly return to starting position. This pullover exercise works well to shape and tone your arms, shoulders, back, and abs.

The key to this exercise is to focus on remaining as stable as possible. The less that you move and rotate in the exercise, the more that you will focus on strength training your arms for greater results.

Arm Exercises for Women: Reverse Dunk

The reverse dunk is an excellent exercise to add to your workout routine since it works out your abs and triceps at the same time.

1. Lie face up on a mat on the floor with your knees bent in front of you.

2. Hold a dumbbell or medicine ball in both hands directly in front of your chest with your elbows at your sides.

3. Slowly pull yourself up into the crunch position, keeping your abs engaged the entire time.

4. Lift the medicine ball directly behind your head, and slowly return to the starting position. This is a combo move in arm exercises for women that will tone your core and workout your triceps at the same time.

Arm Exercises for Women: The Fly

The fly exercise can be performed on a stability ball for an added challenge and resistance.

1. Start out with your back stabilized on the stability ball with your knees bent at a 90° angle in front of you. Make sure that your torso is in a straight line with your knees by tucking in your glutes tightly.

2. Begin the exercise by holding a medicine ball in both of your hands directly over your chest as you balance on the stability ball.

3. Slowly shift the medicine ball or dumbbell to your left hand, and lower your left arm to your side in the fly motion.

4. Bring the medicine ball back to the center of your chest, and slowly lower the medicine ball or dumbbell in your right hand toward your right side.

The entire rotation of this exercise is one repetition. Repeat for 15 repetitions alternating arms on either side in a total of 3 sets.

With this exercise, it is very important that you use a weight that is comfortable for you to lift. If you feel that your weight is too heavy, then it is likely that you could slip or drop your weight to cause an injury.

Make sure to use these arm exercises for women as a part of your regular workout routine. When you pair upper body strength training with lower body weight training and cardio exercise, then you have a full body workout that will get you fit for warmer weather and swimsuit season!

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