The Top Back Strengthening
Exercises to Increase Flexibility!

Simple back strengthening exercises will do wonders when added to your existing workout routine.

These exercises are easy to perform at home or in the gym, and they will greatly strengthen your core to improve flexibility and mobility.

Here are some of the best exercises to get you started:

• Hip Bridge:

This option in back strengthening exercises will stretch and relax sore muscles from sitting at your desk all day long.

Specifically, this exercise will strengthen the back muscles that stabilize your spine and stretch your hip flexors while also building strength in your glutes.

1. To perform the exercise, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

2. Squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips into a straight line, and hold for 5 seconds.

3. Repeat this exercise 12 times to complete a set.

• Back Extension:

This is one of the best exercises to improve strength in your lower back and prevent the risk of strain or injury.

1. Start the exercise by lying face down on an exercise mat.

2. Contract your back muscles to lift both your chest and your legs at the same time.

3. Complete 10 repetitions in 3 sets three times per week.

You can also increase your results from this exercise by squeezing your shoulder blades together and relaxing your neck to prevent strain in your upper back.

• Side Plank:

This choice in exercising is similar to the traditional plank, but it will work your obliques to greatly improve your core strength.

Not only is this exercise wonderful to tone your abs, but it will protect and stabilize your lower back at the same time.

1. Start by lying on your right side on an exercise mat.

2. Slowly lift up onto your forearm and raise your hips off the floor.

3. Contract your abdominals and hold this pose for 30 seconds, repeating two times on each side.

If this exercise is too difficult for you, start out by supporting yourself with your knees until you build strength.

If you want to see the greatest results from your workout routine and reduce your risk for injury, back strengthening exercises should be at the top of your list.

Your back is involved in all of your regular strength training exercises, so the more that you protect and strengthen your back, the greater results that you will see from your weight training routine!

All of the above exercises can be easily performed in the comfort of your own home or at the gym.

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