Ball Core Fitness Training Made Easy: Strengthen Your Abs

First of all, what is ball core fitness training, and why is it beneficial to you?

Excellent question! Many fitness experts recommend to train and strengthen your core with the use of a stability ball.

This is why training your core is often the best choice of strengthening exercises for those with a weak lower back that has been strained or subject to injury.

Stability ball core fitness training allows you to use a large stability ball as an exercise tool. This makes it easy for you to twist, bend, and maneuver in a number of different directions to workout different core muscles.

Benefits to You

This provides a great benefit since you have the opportunity to not only strengthen your abdominals but also your lower back and muscles that support your spine, glutes, and hips.

Many people don’t realize that core stabilizing muscles are much more than just the abdominals. Sure, the use of a ball core fitness training program will give you toned and tight abs like you have been hoping for.

But it will do so much more. It will give you the opportunity to condition and tone your midsection to dramatically improve your overall endurance and stamina in your regular workout.

To break it down for you, if you are having a difficult time getting the motivation to workout because it is too hard, or if you are not seeing the performance results that you hope for in your sport of choice, then exercises that train your core are exactly what you have been looking for.

Having Difficulty Sticking to a Exercise Routine?

If you’re new to exercise and having a difficult time sticking to a workout routine, strengthening your core first of all will make a serious difference. Once your core becomes stronger, it will be easy for you to run, jog, and hike without having to worry about strain, pain, or injury.

If you happen to be an athlete who wants to see even greater results, then using exercises that train your core will help to improve your workout stamina.

Since your core supports your limbs, shoulders, back, and abdomen, training your core gives you the opportunity to strengthen your body from head to toe. You will be able to move faster and with much more explosive movements when you are on the court or on the football field.

Ball Core Fitness Training Options

Here are several of the best exercises to consider for ball core fitness training:

• Ball Roll:

An effective exercise as simple as the ball roll will do wonders to strengthen your core.

1. Start out by lying face down on top of an exercise ball. 
2. Wrap your arms around it firmly to stay steady. 
3. Begin to slowly roll back and forth from side to side, holding your legs in place.

Focus on strengthening your core and using your abdominal and back muscles to keep you steady. As you begin to build up strength through simple exercises, you will be able to roll farther and farther to each side in the exercise.

• Ball Jackknife:

This exercise can strengthen your abdominal muscles, shoulders, and hip flexors.

1. Start out in a push-up position with your feet on the stability ball. 
2. Keep your spine straight and your head and neck neutral. 
3. Slowly pull your legs into your body and hold the position for 2 seconds. 
4. Return to your starting position for 2 seconds.

Repeat the exercise for 10 repetitions to strengthen and condition your core.

• Ball Ab Crunches:

Although your core is made up of much more than your abdominal muscles, it never hurts to strengthen and tone your abs on the stability ball.

1. Lie flat on the stability ball in the basic crunch position with your hands behind your head. 
2. Slowly crunch upward to a level that is comfortable, and hold the position for 5 seconds. 
3. Slowly lower back down to the starting position.

The key to this exercise is to perform the up and down motion as slowly as possible. This will allow you to receive the maximum benefits from the exercise to tone your abdominals and strengthen your back at the same time.

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