The Benefits of the
Best Bench Leg Raise

The best bench leg raise is quite easy to perform, and here is how to begin:

1. Lie on your back on your exercise bench with your hips at the bottom end.

2. Hold the top part of the bench with your hands to stay steady.

3. Keep your legs together, and bend your knees at a 20° to keep your feet off of the floor.

4. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your feet upward until they are at a 90° angle.

5. Slowly lower your legs to their starting position while keeping your abdominals contracted.

Although this exercise seems simple, you are going to receive some serious benefits in toning and defining your abs!

The key to this exercise is that you should keep your ab muscles tight at all times, and do not let your legs touch the floor.

This is much different than a traditional crunch because resistance will be on your abdominals the entire time. Within a crunch, you have the opportunity to rest after every contraction of your abs, yet in the best bench leg raise, you will need to keep your abs engaged constantly if you hope to complete your set.

The truth is that many experienced exercisers have a difficulty with this intense exercise.

You can start out small by doing a few reps of this exercise until your abdominals start to build up strength. If you do happen to get to the point where this exercise becomes easy for you, all you have to do is attach ankle weights to your legs so that you can have added resistance.

There are many machines in the gym similar to the motion of this exercise, yet personal trainers often recommend doing this exercise without a machine since your body works as resistance.

When you use a machine at the gym for this exercise, you may feel that you are completing the motions properly, yet it will not give you the same impact or results as if you had done this exercise freestanding on your workout bench.

The best way to fit this exercise into your workout routine is directly after doing a bench press.

You will already be in position because your head will be at the top of your weight bench, and you can begin your set of raises to conclude your workout by toning and sculpting your abs. 

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