Are You Doing Your
Bench Press Exercise Wrong?

If you have been stuck benching the same weight in your bench press workout for months at a time, you may have hit a serious plateau simply due to your technique.

Luckily, this is something that can be fixed right away through using the proper methods to bench more with every workout!

To begin, make sure that your elbows are tight by your side, and you are using your triceps to lift for the best possible lift. Your triceps are surprisingly strong muscles that are often neglected, so make sure to utilize them to increase your arm mass and strength.

Many people also forget to use their whole body within the exercise, but draw your strength by pushing against the floor with your feet. Tense all of the muscles in your upper back, and keep your upper back flat against the bench for added stability and strength.

As you begin your bench press sets, push the bar directly upward to reduce any movement. If you are lifting heavily, it is important to always work with a spotter until you are more comfortable.

Of course, practice makes perfect when it comes to developing huge pecs, so don't worry about utilizing all of these techniques together right away. Heavy lifting takes serious strength, so practicing will help you to perform your press more efficiently.

If you are having problems with this exercise, it is important to figure out what your weaknesses may be.

If you start to falter at the bottom of your press and can't pull the weight from your chest, you will need to exert more explosive motion into the beginning of the exercise to develop the beefy pecs you are looking for.

If you are having a hard time pushing upward in this exercise at the beginning, it is your triceps that need work. Strengthening your triceps through other exercises will make a serious difference in improving how much you lift in your press. Try triceps extensions and other similar movements to build up this strength.

Overall, take into account your body positioning when you are working on this exercise.

If you are hoping to increase the amount of weight that you lift, it becomes a skill that takes effort. All of your body must be focused from head to toe, so take care not to move your legs back and forth or tap your feet if you're having difficulty completing your press.

All portions of your body working together will generate enough power to complete this exercise fluidly and build strength.

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