Learn the Safest Techniques
for the Bent-Over
Row Exercise

Add the bent-over row to your current workout routine, if you want to see greater results in the mass and definition of your back.

This is the perfect exercise to use with a bench press because this exercise will target the muscles in the upper back to balance and further strengthen in addition to the use of a bench press.

Since a bench press primarily focuses on your shoulders and chest, the row can be used for the upper back muscles to complete the pieces of the puzzle.

When you use this exercise, it will also provide better posture and offers strength in a lower body and core workout.

However, it is essential to have the best form when you’re performing this exercise to make sure that your back stays protected from strain and injury.

1. As you start the bent-over row, make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart and that your back is arched naturally.

2. Bend over slightly, grab the barbell with a grip that is somewhat wider than shoulder width, and extend your knees and hips to stand up with the barbell.

3. Make sure that you keep your lower back arched and bent at the hips throughout the exercise, and it is best if your knees stay at a 45° angle to the floor.

* Take care that your arms hang straight down, and look downward as you perform this exercise.

* To see the greatest results in the row, keep your shoulder blades pulled together, and pull your barbell upward until it touches your chest.

* As you do the rowing motion, make sure that your torso does not move at all, and lower the barbell back down to the beginning position.

4. Perform 10 reps and three sets of this exercise in your regular weightlifting program to make sure that you have impressive definition and strength in your chest and back.

You can also try a versatile bent-over row with an underhanded grip and your palms facing upward.

This will give you the chance to target your biceps and lats simply based upon your hand positioning. For anyone out there that has issues with strain in their shoulders, this hand position may be more comfortable since many people may feel a pinch when they use the standard row posture with their palms facing down for the exercise.

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