What Are the Best Chest
Exercises for Women?

As a woman, why you would need to use the best chest exercises for women? Many men are focused on building and shaping their chest, but does the same hold true for women?

The good news is that using these exercises will help to tone and shape the upper body to lift sagging breasts.

These chest exercises will also help to increase your mobility and range of motion on a daily basis, whether you are pushing a baby carriage, lifting groceries, or pushing a lawnmower when taking care of the yard.

Chest muscles are essential support muscles for women in a number of sports like swimming, tennis, and softball. When you use the best chest exercises for women, you can greatly improve your range of motion and quality of life in daily activities.

On top of that, regular activities, like hunching over your computer at work all day long, keep your chest muscles tight and constricted. It is important to stretch and relax your chest muscles so that you can better shape your upper body with the best chest exercises for women after a long, hard day of work.

If you are a woman concerned with bulking up your chest, there is nothing to worry about. Only 10% of women have the potential to gain significant bulk and muscle mass from chest exercises.

The majority of women will simply build and shape their chest to naturally lift their upper body and balance their lower half when using these exercises.

In fact, the only way that a woman can create large size with the best chest exercises for women is to use very heavy weights with low repetitions. If you exercise at a challenging weight level with a normal amount of repetitions, then you should not have an issue with creating bulky muscle mass.

Without further ado, here are some of the best chest exercises for women to add to your daily workout routine:

Incline Push-Up

If you are still working on building your upper body strength, an incline push-up is a great place to begin.

1. Start out face down with your hands on a secure exercise bench or chair.

2. Place your hands shoulder width apart with your feet on the floor behind you.

3. Lower your body down in a push-up so that your chest is roughly 4 inches over the bench.

4. Return to your starting position by pushing your elbows upward.

As you gain strength, try to add a challenge to this exercise by taking your push-ups to the floor. When you do, make sure to tighten your core and stabilize your abs to protect your back.

It is important that your head and torso are in a neutral position throughout the entire exercise. This can be achieved by keeping your abdominals contracted throughout the push-up.

Bench Press

What comes to the best chest exercises for women, many women prefer a dumbbell bench press as opposed to a barbell bench press.

1. Start the exercise lying flat on your back on a workout bench with dumbbells in both of your hands at shoulder height.

2. Slowly raise your arms directly above your chest, extending the dumbbells above you.

3. Lower the dumbbells slowly back to starting position, and repeat the exercise for 8 repetitions in 3 sets.

It is important to perform this exercise in a slow and controlled motion for the best results. Make sure to start out with a dumbbell weight that you are comfortable with so that you can increase your weight accordingly as you build strength in your chest.

Dumbbell Chest Fly

1. To start the next exercise, raise the weight bench to an incline position of 45°.

2. Lie flat on your back and hold a dumbbell in both hands directly above your chest in front of you.

3. Slowly lower your arms to your sides so that they form a 90° angle with your body.

4. Slowly bring your arms back to the starting position with your palms facing one another for one repetition.

To see the greatest results, make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the exercise, and do not lower your arms past a 90° angle at your sides to prevent the risk of injury.

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