Best Shoulder Exercises
for a Sexy Upper Body

The best shoulder exercises should be the basic foundation of your upper body strength training routine.

If you’re looking for attractive and toned upper arms with sculpted shoulders, the best shoulder exercises are the perfect place to begin.

When starting out on your upper body workout routine, it’s important to mix up your exercises as often as possible. This will keep your muscles challenged and prevent you from hitting a fitness plateau.

The good news is that there are quite a few variations for these exercises, so it should be easy to keep your muscles challenged and stay interested in your workout routine!

The best shoulder exercises are so important since many people ignore this muscle group. Men and women are often surprised to find that when they start to exercise their shoulders, it immediately helps to shape and add definition to their upper body.

On top of that, women especially can receive an even more important benefit through regular strength training. Weight training will help to build bone density in women to greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

If you’re having a difficult time maintaining a healthy weight, then building lean muscle mass through strength training will also help burn more calories while you’re at rest.

This means that you can continue to eat a healthy diet and naturally maintain a healthy weight since your body will burn more calories as a result.

The Best Shoulder Exercises for Men and Women

Military Press:

The military press is one of the best shoulder exercises to perform since you can use dumbbells to tone and condition your shoulders effectively.

1. Start out the exercise by holding two dumbbells in both of your hands at shoulder level.

2. Slowly raise both of the dumbbells directly over your shoulders for one extension.

3. Hold the motion for several seconds, and then slowly return to your starting position.

4. Repeat this exercise for 8 repetitions in 3 sets. As you gain strength in your shoulders, you can increase your dumbbell weight to make the exercise even more challenging.

Tricep Push-Ups:

A tricep push-up is a variation of the regular push-up. The main difference is the hand positioning, where your hands will be placed in a diamond position below your shoulders instead of shoulder width apart.

1. Start this push-up in the regular plank position, or start on your knees if the plank position is too challenging.

2. Lower down in the push-up slowly until your chest almost touches your hands, and then return to starting position.

3. Repeat this exercise until your muscles are fatigued in 3 sets of 8 repetitions. A tricep push-up is highly effective to workout the shoulders, chest, and triceps at the same time.

Shoulder Press:

A shoulder press is often performed with a machine at the gym. Make sure to load up the weight on the machine to a comfortable level, and then press upward to condition and work your shoulders effectively.

If you want to see even greater results from the shoulder press, it is important to perform the motion very slowly and slowly return to your starting position.

To keep your muscles challenged, workout with a lighter weight and more repetitions on one day of the week, and then alternate to workout with a heavier weight and fewer repetitions on another day of the week. This will prevent your muscles from hitting a fitness plateau.

The best shoulder exercises can make a world of difference in toning and conditioning your upper body. Not only will they work your upper body and help you to appear more toned and conditioned in your swimsuit this summer, but strength training will also make it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight.

Muscles naturally burn more calories than fat, so strength training with regular shoulder exercises will help to improve your physique and burn additional fat from head to toe.

This is your perfect opportunity to keep your metabolism boosted all day long so that you can see the greatest results from your workout routine when paired with a healthy diet.

Alternate the shoulder exercises listed above with your regular upper body strength training routine.

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