Children Eating Healthy - Helping
Your Child Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle 

Children eating healthy can be difficult, especially if you child is a picky eater.

However, it’s not impossible to help your child be adventurous and try healthier foods. All you need is a little patience and some creativity in order to get your child to eat healthy.

Here are some tips and tricks we’ve compiled to help you get creative, and help your child learn to love healthy foods.

* Be Sneaky

Sometimes, if a child is a picky eater, they will be resistant to trying new foods they aren’t used to.

The solution: Make old recipes with a healthy twist. For example, add a new healthy topping to pizza, such as spinach, or make muffins with bananas. With this tip, the possibilities are virtually endless.

* Rename Healthy Foods

Many unhealthy food options have names geared towards children (think “Happy Meals” or “Go-Gurt”). The good news is, you can use this advertising trick to your advantage by renaming healthy foods at home.

For example, referring to broccoli as “trees” will make it more fun to eat.

* Make Healthy Foods Taste Better

Most kids won’t want to eat a vegetable such as celery by itself. However, once you add peanut butter and top it with raisins, this healthy food will taste much better.

Plus, once you call it “Ants on a Log”, it will also have a fun sounding name. Mix and match different combinations to make healthy foods more appealing.

* Play With Your Food

A fun activity you and your child can do together is to make healthy foods look like something, such as a face made out of sliced fruits. If the food looks appealing and fun, even the pickiest eaters will want to try it.

Another fun activity is to make kabobs from fruits and vegetables. Changing the presentation of food can make healthy choices more appealing.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle early on will help your child develop a love of healthy foods that will last a lifetime, so try these tips at home to ensure your child is eating a healthy diet.

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