What Is Core Fitness Training?
Engage Your Abs!

If you want to kick your regular fitness routine up a notch, core fitness training is the way to go. Keep in mind that the best core exercises are more than just simple abdominal training.

Many people think that core fitness training is all about having toned abs and a great six-pack, but your abdominals are only one small component of your actual core.

Your abdominals have a specific function. What fitness professionals called the “core” is actually several groups of muscles that stabilize your pelvis, spine, and entire torso.

As you can clearly see, that is why it is beneficial to use core exercises that will tone your entire midsection. Yes, you will likely have the benefit of a great six-pack if you workout correctly, but even more importantly, you will protect your core and back to enhance your overall fitness results.

When your core stabilizer muscles contract, they work to support your pelvis, spine, and even your shoulders. When you use core exercises, you can create explosive and powerful movements in the rest of your workouts.

Core Muscle Purposes

Your core muscles make it possible for you to stand up straight and move around on your feet. That is why the best core fitness training will help you to better control your exercise movements.

It will also help you to naturally transfer energy and shift your weight in any direction. In layman’s terms, if you are having difficulty with speed and agility in a sport or in your fitness routine, the right core exercises will do wonders for you.

When you use core conditioning on a regular basis, it will target numerous muscle groups to enhance your fitness results.

Where Are Core Muscles?

There are different schools of thought as to all of the core muscle groups. In general, the muscles targeted in core fitness training will run throughout your trunk and torso. These muscles include the front of the abdomen, which is called a six-pack when the muscles are toned and taught.

The core muscle groups also include the muscles that run from your neck to your lower back, the muscles that rotate the spine, the muscles on the side of the abdomen, the deep abdominal muscles of your waist, and the hip flexors at the front of your pelvis and upper thigh.

Believe it or not, your glutes are actually a part of your core muscle groups. It would only make sense that your glutes should be targeted in training your core since they are found on the upper thigh and the back of the hip.

When you’re able to effectively exercise and condition the above muscle groups in training your core, you will see dynamic results in your regular exercise routine.

There are also numerous benefits to be found in training your core on a regular basis. When you are able to strengthen your core, you can naturally reduce chronic back pain. In fact, if you have been struggling with strain or injury in your back, it is best to begin core training right away.

Many people believe that your abdominals are responsible for protecting your back and building strength, but they are only a small portion of your core. If you have imbalanced and weak core muscles, it is directly linked to chronic lower back pain.

In addition, using dynamic core fitness training can also help to boost your athletic performance. Your trunk and torso muscles work to stabilize your spine, and as these muscles are strengthened, they will give you more power in your legs and arms.

These powerful movements will be generated from the core of your body and outward. This means that you will have extreme support in your limbs when playing sports, running, jumping, climbing, and even swimming. You will see a dramatic difference in your workout endurance and performance directly due to training your core.

Developing a customized core fitness training program will work wonders for your overall health. It will first of all improve your regular workout experience so that you can work out harder, stronger, and smarter. In addition, it will also help support the health of your lower back to reduce chronic back pain!

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