Increase Your Size with the
Decline Bench Press Workout

A quick variation to a traditional bench press is the easy decline bench press, where the angle of the bench is at a 30° decline. 

This will provide greater pressure on the triceps and lower chest muscles, so that you can use this variation to strengthen other areas of your body to get the huge pecs from your bench press sets that you are looking for.

1. Start out by setting up your bench at a 30° decline.

If you do set it up a bit higher, that is fine for the exercise, but make sure not to go any lower to avoid injury. It is important to position yourself where the bar will hit your lower chest as you begin this exercise.

2. Lay back on your bench with your feet firmly planted on the floor and your head at the decline of the bench.

3. Grip the bar with your arms shoulder width apart, and make sure that your wrists are straight and protected.

If you have any type of wrist injury, make sure to wear a wrist guard to keep them protected within this motion.

4. Lower the bar to your lower chest, pause, and slowly return to starting position, making sure to never lock your elbows as you complete this exercise.

This is truly one of the most effective press exercises for attaining beefy pecs and increasing your strength if you have hit a workout plateau.

Once you have loaded your weight for the press, make sure that you have a spotter with you!

This is especially true if you are new to this exercise because you will actually lift much less than you normally do since you are targeting new muscle groups.

Because of the angle of this exercise, you can cause a serious injury to your upper body and face if you were to drop the weight on yourself.

As you progress to using heavier weights in the press, the setup of the exercise may feel awkward. This is entirely normal since you are targeting different muscle groups than you normally do, but again, make sure that you are using a spotter when doing the best decline bench press to protect yourself from any instability or dropping the weight in the exercise.

This is the ideal exercise to alternate with your traditional bench press to further challenge and strengthen your muscles.

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