The Ultimate Deltoid Workout
to Increase Your Size

When you use the right deltoid workout, it will make a serious difference in toning your shoulders to improve the shape of your upper body.

Toned and conditioned deltoids add width to your upper body and help you to look sleek and sexy. That’s just more motivation for using an effective deltoid workout to condition and strengthen your shoulders.

Similar to other muscle groups, in order to stimulate growth in your deltoids, you need to recruit the use of as many muscle fibers as possible.

In order to accomplish this, it is important to choose a deltoid workout that conditions the function of the muscle and also provides adequate resistance at the peak contraction point of the exercise.

The whole purpose of the deltoid muscle in a deltoid workout is to pull the arm away from the body. Since the arm rotates on a ball and socket joint, the shoulder can move the arm in a number of directions.

To accomplish this, there are actually three different heads of the deltoid muscle, which are the anterior deltoid in the front, the lateral deltoid on the side, and the posterior deltoid on the back.

Since a deltoid muscle has multiple functions, you can use a variety of exercises in your deltoid workout to stimulate growth without the need for overtraining.

To start your effective shoulder workout, begin with lateral raises immediately followed by a set of overhead presses. Using a lateral raise out to the side in your workout will condition the whole shoulder, especially the lateral deltoid.

The overhead press is highly beneficial in a shoulder workout since it will work all three heads of the muscle at one time. Alternate both of the exercises in three sets each until your muscles are completely fatigued.

As you begin these exercises in your deltoid workout, it is recommended to start out with a small, comfortable weight, and continue to increase your weight as you build up strength until you are in a higher weight class.

Seated Barbell Press

In addition to the above exercises, you can add the seated barbell press to your workout, also called the military press. This is a standard shoulder exercise that will work the front of the deltoids and the triceps at the same time.

Since you’re using a large barbell in this exercise, it will also condition the upper back and upper chest as secondary muscle groups.

1. Start the exercise by sitting upright on a workout bench.

2. Hold a barbell wider than shoulder width apart, and push it directly overhead until it is above your shoulders.

3. Hold this motion for several seconds, and lower the barbell back to your starting position.

4. This exercise can be completed by lowering the barbell either behind or in front of your head. If you have pain in your shoulders, lowering the barbell in front of your head as opposed to behind your head will place less stress on the shoulder joints.

Weight Training Tips

Overall, you don’t have to be a slave to the gym every single day in order to see great results from your workout.

* Many people see benefits from shorter weight training sessions several times per week than lengthy workouts on a daily basis.

* You will be able to effectively improve your strength with two or three 20 to 30 minute strength training sessions per week.

* This meets the minimum requirement for healthy adults, and it is best to pair strength training with at least 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week.

** When it comes to your weight training routine, proper technique is the most important of all.

* If you perform the above exercises without using the proper technique, then you’re not going to see the results that you are looking for.

* Even worse, you will leave yourself at risk for potential injury or strain if you are performing the exercises wrong.

* If you’re not sure that you’re using the right technique, workout in front of a mirror or with a buddy to watch the range of motion in your exercise to make sure that it is performed safely and accurately.

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