The Best Deltoids Exercise
Using a Vertical Press

The best deltoids exercise starts with the vertical press at your gym, otherwise known as the upright press.

This exercise primarily works the major muscles in the chest, yet it also has the added benefit of targeting the anterior muscles so that you can see even greater results in conditioning and strength since this is a muscle group that is often difficult to exercise.

1. Start out using the vertical press by adjusting the height of your seat. Sit down on the machine, and grip the handles so that they are lined up with the middle of your chest. If necessary, adjust the height of your seat for this workout.

2. Sit down on the machine, and press your spine back against the padding. Grip both of the handles as your palms face downward and your thumbs face inward.

3. To begin the exercise, press the handles out and away from your chest. Extend your elbows completely, and then come to a stop. Take care that you do not lock your elbows, and continue to keep your back straight during this motion.

4. To complete this exercise motion, allow the handles to return slowly back to you as you inhale. It is so necessary to focus on your breathing during this exercise to reduce the risk of injury.

Bring the handles back to the starting position, and continue to perform this exercise slowly with focus to achieve the best results.

5. Repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions, and increase the amount of sets that you do over four weeks.

One of the most important things to remember when attempting to build strong deltoids muscles is that you must do these movements slowly without any jerking motions, which could cause strain and injury.

The truth of the matter is that this is an area of the body that is often difficult to exercise, but when you complete these exercises correctly, you will see even greater payoffs in toning and definition for your shoulder muscles.

For many men and women that are focusing on toning their arms, they often have a hard time building big deltoids and seeing the results that they hope for.

For men, this area of the shoulders will enhance the overall arm tone and definition, and for women, it will provide shape and sculpting to look beautiful when wearing tank tops, bathing suits, and strapless dresses for the summertime. 

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