How to Perfectly Execute a
Dumb-Bell Press Exercise

The dumb-bell press exercise is highly beneficial because it uses a full range of motion as you lift free weights.

There is another dimension necessary to see success in using the dumb-bell press because you have to balance well to stay safe throughout the exercise, which will put further pressure on the muscles that you are working out.

When you use dumbbells for a basic press, all of your stabilizer muscles will be engaged, so that you will be working out your body much more effectively than you would on an exercise machine.

For this reason, many exercisers find that it is more difficult to do a dumb-bell press than a standard barbell press because they have to engage further in their range of motion.

You may want to start out with slightly lighter weight as you begin this exercise until you increase your strength and results.

This basic exercise can be done by lying back flat on a bench, which will work your middle and outer pectoral muscles. The secondary muscle group that will be worked is the deltoids and triceps.

1. To perform the press exercise, lay flat on a bench, and hold one dumbbell in either hand against your shoulders.

2. Slowly push up both dumbbells at one time until your arms are almost straight, and hold this motion for several seconds.

3. Lower your arms back down slowly, and repeat the exercise for 10 repetitions and three sets. You can do this exercise by alternating arms, but it can also be done effectively with both dumbbells at one time.

If you are using very heavy weights in this exercise, you may need to have a spotter hand the dumbbells to you to make sure that you are not injured during the exercise.

As a rule of thumb, it is helpful to keep your shoulder blades pulled together the entire time, which will give you more stability in the pushing motion.

To see the greatest success in the use of this press, make sure that your palms stay facing forward the entire time, and don’t lock your elbows at the top of the exercise. Make sure that you push the weights up and down slowly so that your arms will be worked out in both motions of the exercise.

This is a foundational exercise for strengthening the chest and arms in your workout!

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