Power Up with this Dumbbell
Bench Press How To!

Regular use of the dumbbell bench press is one of the best ways for any committed weightlifter to increase their strength.

If you don't have access to larger weights for a traditional bench press, using dumbbells is the perfect alternative to continue increasing strength and developing the huge pecs you have been looking for.

Focus on Your Chest

The primary purpose to the easy dumbbell bench press in your bench press sets is to increase the strength and size of your chest. Your chest should be the main focus of your training to develop the beefy pecs, strength, and toned physique that you are looking for.

For this reason, you must train only your chest on specific days and save exercising other body parts for other days of the week.

1. This exercise begins in the same position as a traditional bench press, where you will be lying flat on a bench, face up.

2. You will hold dumbbells in either hand, and begin with the dumbbells held against your shoulders on either side of your chest. Make sure that your grip is overhand with your knuckles facing you.

3. Slowly raise the dumbbells up into the air, making sure not to lock your elbows.

4. From there, lower back into the starting position, and repeat for an entire set.

The important thing to remember with this exercise is that it is not as secure as a regular bench press.

For this reason, you do need to have a spotter with you, especially as you progress to lifting heavier weights. If you do happen to drop the dumbbells on yourself, you could seriously injure your face or upper body as a result.

Make sure that you move the dumbbells securely during the press, which will prevent injury or strain on your body. You also want to avoid hitting the dumbbells together at the top of the exercise, and smoothly finish the exercise with the dumbbells held over your shoulders.

Your feet should be planted on the floor at all times within your bench press sets, and remember to press your feet firmly against the floor for added strength.

To conclude, your elbows should be even with your shoulders throughout the entire workout to achieve the greatest results and stay protected! This will prevent any potential injury or strain to your upper body.

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