Eating Out Healthy 

Being mindful of calories is important while eating out. To help, we’ve compiled some of the best tips about calorie counting at restaurants.

Using these tips will help you to relax and enjoy your meal when eating out healthy.

”On the side, please”

When ordering a salad, ask for the dressing on the side. This will give you more control over how much you add to your meal.

Bonus tip: Stick a fork in the dressing and then stab your salad. This will give you enough flavor while keeping the calories low.

Stay whole

Choose foods made with whole grains, such as whole wheat bread and dishes with brown rice.

The bread basket

If the restaurant has a bread basket on the table, you can ask them to take it away. Filling up on rolls or breadsticks before a meal isn’t ideal, because the calories add up quick. If you do eat a roll, skip the butter or oil, because this increases the fat and calorie intake.

Keep the fat in check

When ordering grilled fish, meat, or vegetables, ask that it be prepared without butter or excess oil.

Making sense of sauce

When ordering pasta, be on the lookout for tomato-based sauces instead of creamy ones. Tomato sauce is much lower in fat and calories.

Healthy hydration

When dining out, choose water or herbal tea instead of soda or alcoholic drinks. These calorie-free drinks will help you avoid consuming too many calories at the restaurant.

Fruits and veggies

Choose dishes that come with fruits or vegetables. These dishes fill you up quicker, because of the fiber, have plenty of vitamins and minerals, and are lower in calories. 

Choose a soup

When ordering soup, keep in mind that cream-based soups are higher in fat and calories than broth-based ones.

Bonus tip: Ordering soup as an appetizer is a smart move, because broth-based soups are low in calories and fill you up easily, meaning you won’t overeat at the main course.

Potato possibilities

When dining out, forgo french fries, and instead opt for a baked potato. Baked potatoes are healthier and lower in calories, especially when you choose salsa as a topping instead of sour cream, butter, cheese, or bacon. Salsa is extremely low in calories, and has plenty of flavor and spice.

Less is more

If you want to eat less, order two healthy appetizers, or an appetizer and a salad as your meal.

Baked, grilled, poached, steamed

For healthier options, look for food on the menu that’s baked, grilled, broiled, poached, or steamed. These methods of cooking use less fat and are usually much lower in calories.

Deducting dessert

When it comes time for dessert, share half with a friend. Half a dessert equals half the calories.

Filling Up

Listen to your body. When you are full, stop eating and ask for a box for the rest of your meal

Don’t deprive yourself when eating out healthy

Remember not to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. In moderation, all types of foods can fit into a well balanced diet.

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