Exercise for Back Pain: Stretch
and Strengthen Your Back!

People who exercise regularly experience long-term health benefits, not to mention a physically fit appearance.

However, very few regular exercisers realize the positive benefits of using exercise for back pain relief.

In addition to a regular workout program, staying physically fit and using exercise for back pain relief will greatly reduce your risk of injury in your regular exercise routine.

On top of that, protecting your back and strengthening your core will improve your regular aerobic and cardiovascular workouts. The truth is that these exercises should be a basic foundation of any regular workout plan.

Stretching is one of the easiest ways to ease back pain through exercise.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when stretching to protect your core and your spine:

 Wear comfortable exercise clothes that won’t restrain you

 Never strain or cause pain in a stretch by forcing your body into a difficult position

 Stretch slowly without bouncing, which could tear muscles

 Stretch on a flat surface that allows for free movement

 Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to help your joints and muscles loosen

 Repeat each stretch 5 to 10 times for the best results

Neck and Shoulder Stretches for Back Pain

One of the best places to start in back pain relief is by stretching the neck and shoulders, which can often become stiff due to tension in the back.

Here are some easy neck and shoulder stretches to get you started:

 Stretch by gently pulling your chin to your chest to relax the back of your neck

 Rotate and pull your ear to each shoulder to stretch the sides of your neck

 Slowly roll your shoulders up and down to loosen the muscles

 Bend over and touch your toes, focusing on loosening and relaxing your tense shoulder muscles

Other choices include back stretches, hip and glute stretches, and hamstring stretches. All of the above muscles connect to your back and can be negatively impacted if there is tension or strain in your back.

When you use exercise for back pain to stretch your hips, glutes, and hamstrings, you will restore mobility in these muscle groups.

This will relieve much of the tension and pressure that has accumulated in your back to balance your body overall and reduce lower back pain.

Upper Back Exercises 

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