Exercise for Lower Back Pain:
Top Tips for Pain Relief

So many of us struggle with chronic lower back pain without seeking help or treatment. 

If you are ready to finally get rid of your aches and pains to feel like yourself again, then exercising your back is important to add to your regular workout routine.

Easy Exercise for Lower Back Pain

As you focus on your balance and stability in your exercise, you will greatly strengthen your core and increase your range of motion.

Balancing exercises will target a variety of muscle groups that all work to support and protect the health of your back.

Arm/Leg Extension:

This balancing exercise for lower back pain works to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, shoulders, hips, and buttocks.

1. To perform the exercise, get on your hands and knees on a workout mat, ensuring that your head is aligned with your spine.

2. Tighten your abdomen, and do not arch your back. Start by lifting up your right arm and left leg until they form a straight line with your torso.

3. Hold this position for 10 seconds as you focus on improving your balance; return to the starting position and switch sides.

4. Perform 5 repetitions of the exercise on each side.

Exercise Ball Crunches:

This stability exercise will greatly strengthen your core while improving the health of your back.

1. To perform the exercise, lean back on an exercise ball, balancing with your legs.

2. Slowly pull your chest into the crunching position, engaging your abdominals; relax and return to the starting position.

3. Repeat this exercise with 10 crunches in 3 sets to strengthen your core and improve balance.

Yoga Tree Pose:

This is a yoga exercise that focuses greatly on balance and stability.

1. To perform the exercise, stand on your yoga mat with your feet flat.

2. Slowly bring up your right foot against your left knee in a triangle position. At the same time, lift both of your arms straight over your head in a praying position.

3. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, and repeat 3 times to improve balance and stability.

The foundation of any exercise for lower back pain should focus on stability and balance.

As you perform the above exercises, you will strengthen groups of muscles that support your back to reduce your risk of strain and injury in daily activity!

Lower Back Exercises 

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