The Best Daily Exercises
for Back Pain Relief

Strain and injuries in the lower back are some of the most painful injuries that you may ever have to deal with.

Having a pinched nerve can cause shooting pain throughout the legs, and chronic pain in lower back can debilitate you in your daily activities. Fortunately, you can use simple exercises for back pain relief to get you back on your feet again.

Exercises for back pain relief focus on a few key principles:

Core Strength:

Since your back is supported by your abdominals, and vice versa, core strengthening exercises are some of the best exercises for back pain relief.

At the very least, you can relieve tension in your back by sitting on an exercise ball each day at work. This will require your body to naturally balance while you are working to strengthen both your lower back and abdominals to greatly relieve any pressure and tension.

Body Posture:

Some daily exercises for pain relief that you can use often involve focusing on your posture when picking up or reaching for objects.

If you already have a bad back, it can be quite easy to strain when lifting or doing chores around the house. Focus on keeping the weight in your legs when lifting a heavy object or piece of furniture, and make sure to always maintain a straight back with good posture.

Increase Flexibility:

Flexibility is a key component for back pain relief.

Your hips and hamstrings support your back and can begin to cause pain if they are tight and immobile. Working every day to stretch your hips and hamstrings will greatly increase flexibility in your body to take stress off of your lower back.

Strong Abs:

Not only is it a wonderful benefit to have strong abdominals for swimsuit season, but strengthening your abs will greatly relieve chronic back pain.

Take care to focus on your lower abdominals in your crunches and sit-ups, which will stabilize your lower back by increasing core strength.

Back pain happens to the best of us, and by using the above exercises, you can stop many problems before they start.

The most important point to keep in mind is to never push yourself beyond your limits.

If you’re suffering from lower back pain and stretch too hard, you could worsen your back injury and possibly cause a serious strain in your back. Work through each of the above points slowly to see an increased mobility and flexibility in your back!

Lower Back Exercises 

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