Increase Mobility with
Exercises for Low Back Pain

If you are a yoga lover, then you are in luck.

Yoga is a gentle and natural method of exercise that focuses on the natural rhythms of your body. On top of that, simple yoga poses are some of the best exercises for low back pain to increase your mobility and flexibility.

Yoga Exercises for Low Back Pain

Yoga works to improve your health overall through the process of meditation and exercise.

Within yoga, you will focus on breathing and flexibility to decrease stress, balance your body, and relieve pressure on your back.

In each of the exercises below, focus on proper breathing as you complete the motion to stretch your body:

Downward Dog:

In this choice in exercises, you will start out in a plank position and slowly push your body up until your backside is completely in the air.

Your body should form the shape of an upside down V on the yoga mat. As soon as you enter this posture, you will experience a deep stretch in your back and shoulders. At the same time, your shoulders will be supporting the pose to continue to strengthen your back.

Forward Fold:

This choice in yoga exercises is quite similar to touching your toes. The main difference is that you will fold forward at the waist, hanging your arms loosely below your head in a comfortable position.

The focus of this exercise is not to touch your toes necessarily but to relieve strain and pressure in your back and shoulders that has accumulated throughout the day.

Child’s Pose:

This yoga pose is just like it sounds.

To enter the posture, you will sit on your knees on a yoga mat and fold down into the fetal position with your arms behind you.

This is a comfortable and relaxing pose often used to end a yoga session, and it works to deeply stretch your back and relax your spine. Use this posture as often as possible, even when taking breaks in the midst of your workday to restore balance and relieve stress in your back.

While yoga exercises for low back pain may seem like a gentle form of exercise, these postures work to greatly strengthen weak muscles.

Using yoga will help to improve your flexibility, bring oxygen to your body tissue, and balance your nervous system by relieving chronic stress.

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