Find Out the Perfect
Hammer Curl Technique

The basic hammer curl is the perfect exercise to begin with if you’re ready to take your arm strengthening exercises to the next level. 

The dumbbell hammer curl is a free weight exercise that is performed by using a set of dumbbells, and you will curl the weights in your arms as you hold the dumbbells in your hands vertically as opposed to horizontally.

This is slightly different from a traditional bicep curl because it allows you to lift more weight and focus your attention at the peak motion of the bicep curl.

This simple exercise can be done when you’re sitting or standing, and you can also use one arm at a time or both arms at the same time, depending upon the results that you are looking for.

1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. You can use weights that are slightly more than you can comfortably lift through a regular curl.

2. Stand or sit with your back straight on a workout bench, and hold both of the weights at your sides. Make sure that your thumbs are facing forward at the starting position.

3. Begin the repetition by bending your arms at the elbow and lifting the dumbbells to your shoulders.

4. Flex your biceps at the top of the exercise for maximum strengthening, and make sure that your thumbs stay facing forward throughout the entire exercise.

5. Slowly lower the dumbbells to your starting position, and repeat the exercise for 15 repetitions and three sets.

Again, it is easy to alternate the curl to workout one arm at a time so that you can further focus on the strengthening of your biceps.

** An important point to keep in mind is to keep your wrists as straight as possible so that you don’t strain your wrists or arms.

** It is also not necessary to lift too much weight, and if you have a difficult time pulling up the dumbbells in the first place, then they are probably too heavy.

This is a highly effective exercise to target the biceps, so it will be easy for you to increase your weight rapidly as you build strength, but you are only doing yourself a disservice by starting out with weights that are too heavy.

This exercise is the exercise you have been looking for to dramatically condition your arms!

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