Health Fitness Tools
Which Are The Best?

If you have hit a plateau in your workout routine, you'll need health fitness tools to jumpstart your program and get you on the right track.

Heart Rate Monitor

Many people love the use of heart rate monitor health fitness tools since they allow you to track your heart rate to gauge your performance. This is a quick and easy way to make sure that you stay within your target zone during cardiovascular activity.

It can also be used when you're on the treadmill, walking, or bicycling. This provides the added advantage of making sure that you burn enough calories when you are working out using this simple device.

Often times, the heart rate monitors on the treadmills at the gym may not be accurate because they are not tuned to your body. Having your own heart rate monitor with you is one of the best tools to measure your results as you workout!

Calorie Calculator

This is a helpful choice in health fitness tools online since you can plug in how many calories you eat on the Internet or into your phone.

Many people eat so much more than they realize on a daily basis because they conveniently forget about a snack or what type of portion size that they are eating. If you want to super charge your workout program, counting calories is the perfect place to start because it will give you a realistic idea of how much you are actually eating.

BMI Calculator

BMI calculators are very helpful because they will calculate your body mass index. This gives you a better idea of your ideal weight since it measures your weight according to your height and activity level, instead of just reading out a number on the scale.

The BMI will give you the range of weight that you are in to show if you are at a healthy or unhealthy body mass, and you can plan your workout accordingly.


If you often walk or run outside, you can use a pedometer to track how far you have gone in your workout.

Even better, why not try wearing a pedometer for an entire day to see how much you walk on a regular basis? This is a fun challenge that will help you to walk more often than you drive so that you can squeeze in an extra workout to burn more calories!

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