Learn How to Build Biceps:
Quick and Easy Steps

The dumbbell curl has been a staple in learning how to build biceps for decades. This is an exercise that you have probably performed yourself time after time.

But what if you aren’t getting the results in bigger biceps that you have been hoping for? Is there anything that you can do to learn how to build biceps fast?

Fortunately, there are several variations that you can try of this classic bicep curl. What many people do not realize is that it is important to mix up your workout routine every four weeks to challenge your muscles so that they do not plateau.

As you continue to mix and match your bicep exercises based on body positions and hand positioning, you will be able to learn how to build biceps quickly with real results.

How to Curl Your Biceps

Even before learning this exercise, it is important to make sure that you have the right technique.

1.  Start out the basic bicep curl with your arms hanging down at your sides straight from your shoulders.

2.  Without moving your upper arms at all, curl the dumbbells close to your shoulders and bend at the elbows.

3.  Pause at the top of the movement, and lower your weight slowly down to the starting position.

This good form is essential if you want to learn how to build biceps quickly. Many people make the mistake of swinging their arms as they lower in the bicep curl.

This will cause momentum as you pull the weights back up in the next repetition. This momentum is actually a bad thing because it takes away from your results in strength training and conditioning your biceps.

How to Build Biceps: Hand Position

For the basic bicep curl, it is important that your palms are facing you with a comfortable grip on the dumbbells. This is the foundation that you will use for a traditional dumbbell curl, which targets the bicep that is the largest muscle on the front of your upper arm.

As you learn how to build biceps, you can begin to alternate your hand positioning to see even greater results. When your palms are facing you in the bicep curl, you can change your thumb positioning to touch the head of the dumbbell with your thumbs.

With this subtle shift in positioning, you will force your biceps to work harder since you will have to keep your forearm rotated out as your palms continue to face up.

The next hand variation as you learn how to build big biceps is to move your pinky finger outward. When your palms are facing up holding the dumbbells, make sure that your pinky finger moves to touch the inside of the dumbbell head.

This slight shift in the balance changes the distribution of the weight when you are holding the dumbbell. This provides a little more variety to keep your arms challenged so that your muscles can grow and increase in size.

Last of all, when you learn how to build big biceps, you can try the reverse handgrip. This will make you truly feel the benefits of the exercise in your forearms.

As you curl upward with your arms in reverse position, it will decrease the resistance on your biceps and build up your forearms to balance the strength and conditioning of your arms as a whole.

Change Body Positioning

The next thing that you can do to see a serious difference in building bigger biceps is to change your body positioning. Many people stand in the basic standing position when learning how to build big biceps. This is helpful because you will be required to engage your core when exercising.

You can also challenge your core even further by placing one leg on an exercise bench in front of you. This will create instability and force your hip and core muscles to work even harder to keep your body stable as you perform the dumbbell curl.

When you perform dumbbell curls seated, it will allow you to focus on the motion of your exercise so that you have better form. If you are new to learning how to build big biceps, this is the best way to start the exercise so that you can improve your technique as you condition your arms.

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