How to Build Pecs in
a Few Simple Steps

Whether you are a member of a gym or primarily workout at home, learn how to build pecs to add size and definition to your chest.

Of course, if you are a woman, these pec exercises are still beneficial because building your pecs will lift your breasts, improve your posture, and tone your upper torso.

One of the best exercises in pecs workouts is the dumbbell fly.

This can be done by lying back on a workout bench facing upward with both of your arms at 90° angles to your sides. In this pec exercise, you need to hold weights that are appropriate to your strength level so that you do not risk strain or injury to your chest or back.

As you learn to build your pecs, this is a foundational exercise that can become a part of your regular workout routine.

1.  To start the exercise, lift both of your arms directly upward until the weights are gently touching.

2.  Lower your arms back down slowly to a 90° angle to complete one repetition of the exercise. The key to this pec exercise is to lower your arms very slowly to put more pressure on your pec muscles so that they become stronger and fuller.

Otherwise, you may want to try the traditional push-up as you learn how to build pecs. Many people don’t realize that a traditional push-up works out several muscle groups simultaneously, and it will give you the rock-hard pecs that you have been looking for.

Again, when you’re building your pecs through a comprehensive and complete workout, this should be another foundational exercise that you use on a regular basis.

If you are a woman learning to build your pecs and you do not have the upper body strength to do a complete push-up, this can be easily done on your knees or with your legs resting on a stability ball.

In fact, it is best to try this exercise on a stability ball instead of on your knees because it will engage your core further and give you more benefit to your workout.

Make it your goal to do three sets of 15 push-ups within every type of pec workouts that you do.

These two foundational exercises make a serious difference in giving definition and tone to your chest so that you can have pecs that you are proud of!

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