How to Convert Old Items Into Exercise Equipment

by Marcus
(Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)

We all want to lose weight and tone up but with the current economic climate many of us can’t afford expensive gym memberships or even specialist equipment but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout. Instead, ordinary household items can be utilised to increase the intensity of the workout.

Homemade weights:

There is no need to shell out for expensive hand weights; instead ordinary household objects can easily be turned into weights.

Canned food it perfect for this as it tends to be quite weighty and everybody has them in the cupboard. If you want to increase the weight then just put a couple of cans in an old tube sock. Or you can use litre water bottles, simply fill them with sand or water and increase or decrease the weight as needed.

In fact any heavy objects will do, even a baby in a carrier can be used as an effective weight for bicep curls.

Phone book steppers:

Step aerobics is a great way to tone up and lose weight but a decent step can be expensive and doing exercises on an actual staircase can often get in the way of other people in the house. For a cheap and effective step you can glue telephone books together to create a very inexpensive exerciser.

All you need is four telephone books, and let’s face it we all have loads of those around, but a word of warning they do need to be the same height. The idea is to glue two books on top of each other which will be the step for the right foot and then the other two are glued together for the left foot. If you do want the steps to be higher then just use more phonebooks.

Once you have got the height you want cover the books in an old towel or a bit of cloth to make it non-slip.

Space hopper workout balls:

The exercise ball, or Swiss ball as it is also known, has become a standard part of the professional trainer’s kit because it provides a great all over body workout as it challenges the body in new ways. It is also especially good at strengthening the core muscles which if they are toned up can help improve posture of the entire body.

But just because you are working out at home doesn’t mean you can’t have the benefits of an exercise ball. What about using a space hopper? Space hoppers are pretty similar to a proper fitball and as long as they are properly inflated can be used in the same way.

Foam sheets as yoga mats:

A decent yoga mat can set you back a few quid but if you are going to be doing yoga at home you are going to need something to lie on or quite frankly it’s going to hurt. But if you want to save some money what about using old foam sheets as a yoga mat at the end of the day they are made of foam so it can be a great substitute.

Bath towels to help with stretching:

Something as simple as a rolled up towel can help when stretching out your muscles. The towel alters the angle of your body so will give you a different workout every time you do floor stretches.

This article was written by Sardinia Yoga, who are a leading provider of yoga holidays.

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