Mix It Up with the Best
Incline Bench Press!

Most weightlifters are familiar with the traditional bench press, mixing up your workout routine with the incline bench press will provide serious benefits in your bench press sets.

If you are looking to get beefy pecs and simultaneously increase your strength, this exercise is the perfect tool to do so.

How to Begin:

To start your incline bench press, you must set up your bench properly. It should be set at a 30° incline, and no higher.

If you decide to go lower, that is not a problem. This type of positioning will make sure that you do not strain or injure your shoulders or back in the process. You should position yourself on the bench so that the bar is directly over your chest for all bench press sets.

1.  Lay back on the bench with your feet firmly on the floor. Make sure that a spotter passes you the bar, and grip correctly. The best way to decide your grip is by first gripping the bar without any weight on it with a normal grip and pulling it into your chest.

Make sure to examine the angle of your arms, and they should be pointing at a 90° angle to the bar. This is the grip that you should use to prevent any injury to your arms and shoulders.

2.  Continue this exercise by squeezing the bar and lowering it to your chest, stopping roughly 1 inch over your chest.

3.  Pause for one moment, and then push the bar up 2 inches and move into your starting position. This process helps to keep your targeted muscle groups tight so that you can develop the huge pecs that you are looking for.

This exercise is often best used as a follow-up to the traditional bench press. What many people find when they begin this workout is that they cannot bench as much as they regularly would because the incline poses more of a challenge.

This exercise also places more weight on the shoulder area, so make sure to consult with your physician beforehand if you have any type of shoulder strain or injury.

As always, make sure that you are using a spotter, especially since the slight change in this exercise makes it much more difficult than you would anticipate! Safety is always the priority when trying out new exercises.

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