The Top Inner Chest Exercises
for a Defined Upper Body

So what are the best inner chest exercises to make a serious difference in defining and shaping your upper body? 

Many guys focus on their upper body in order to fill in the gap between their pectoral muscles.

These exercises will help to define a clear line down the middle of the chest by working the upper, lower, and middle inner pectoral muscles.

Here are the four best upper body exercises to use for men:

• Dumbbell Bench Press:

To perform this choice in inner chest exercises most effectively, make sure to stretch your chest at the bottom of the dumbbell bench press and squeeze your chest as you contract at the top of the exercise.

When you do this with every repetition of the exercise, you will see immediate results in your inner pectoral muscles. It is also important to keep your lower back against the bench at all times. When you arch your back in the exercise, you will have much less impact on your chest.

When using the dumbbell bench press in inner chest exercises, use it at a decline to work your lower inner chest, use a flat bench to target your middle inner chest, and use the bench on an incline to hit your upper inner chest muscles.

• Hammer Machine Presses:

One of the most effective chest exercises for men is the hammer press. This will activate the inner chest muscles effectively to generate tension in the pecs.

A hammer press is highly effective because you will perform a press at the beginning of the exercise and a fly at the end of the exercise to strengthen your inner chest muscles powerfully.

When using this exercise, it is best to start with lighter weights to perform 20 or more repetitions. This will help you to feel the maximum burn in your inner pectoral muscles in the exercise.

• Cable Crossovers:

Cable crossovers are chest exercises that can be done on the cable machine at the gym or in your home gym. Cable crossovers can be performed either standing or with a weight bench and a low cable.

It is important to perform this exercise slowly so that you receive the maximum tension on your inner pectoral muscles the entire time.

This is often an effective chest exercise to begin with since it will be easier to lift a higher amount of weight using only the cables as resistance instead of larger barbells or free weights.

• Machine Flies:

Machine flies are effective chest exercises and can be used in 3 to 4 sets at 10 to 12 repetitions each until the muscles reach fatigue. This will give you the cut and defined lines on the middle of your chest that you have been looking for.

As you perform this exercise, make sure that you squeeze the center of your chest hard at the end of each motion when your hands come together. This will give you the greatest results from your inner chest exercises to define your pecs and upper body.

Weight Training Benefits

When you use the above exercises, weight training will provide a number of benefits in addition to defining and toning your upper body. If you are new to a strength training routine, keep in mind that regular weight training will help to significantly boost your metabolism.

Muscles actually burn more calories than fat. The more muscle that you are able to build, the more additional calories that you will burn at rest all day long. Weight training also helps to strengthen your bones significantly, which is beneficial to women to prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

When you use a well-balanced weight training routine on a regular basis, it will help you to avoid injuries in and out of the gym.

Think about the fact that when you tone and shape your upper body with inner chest exercises. It will be easier for you to perform daily tasks, like lifting heavy objects, even more effectively without having to worry about strain or injury in your back.

Use the above exercises as a part of your regular strength training and cardio workout routine for the best results!

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