Sculpt Your Abs
with the Jackknife

Although there are many exercises for the core muscles, the jackknife workout is one of the most effective because it does not require weights or other resistance.

The deep core muscles in your abdominals are often difficult to target, and they are normally neglected within exercise. Still, if you want to sculpt your midsection and get rid of your love handles or spare tire, this is the perfect exercise to begin with.

The only tool you need to do this exercise is an exercise bench.

1. Lay on your back on the exercise bench with your legs extended off of the end of the bench. Clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows bent in opposite directions, and press your back flat against the bench.

2. Pull your upper body into a sitting position with only the use of your abdominal muscles. Do not sit straight up, but reach a halfway point.

3. At the same time, pull your legs up to a 45° angle, which is the best position for this exercise.

4. Contract your abs. Hold this position in place for up to 30 seconds, and make sure to keep your balance and focus on strengthening your abdominals the entire time.

5. Return to the starting position, and use your abdominals to slowly lower your body back onto the bench. * Allowing yourself to relax and fall backward completely will reduce the benefits of this exercise, and it may cause injury to your neck and back.

6. Repeat this exercise for a complete set of 20, and as you progress, you can do three sets of 20 repetitions.

The important thing to consider with this exercise tutorial is that it is best to do fewer repetitions with the proper form than multiple repetitions incorrectly.

This is the perfect exercise to add to the end of your workout to exercise your core muscles, and it will also work to improve your posture by strengthening and targeting deep core muscles that often do not get exercise.

If you have any type of lower back pain, this abdominal exercise will make a serious difference through strengthening your core all the way through.

This will improve your posture dramatically, and it will also protect your back from injury since you will have the necessary strength that you need in your midsection.

Last of all, remember to inhale as you lift your upper body and exhale as you lower to receive the greatest benefits in deeply strengthening your abs through the best jackknife exercise!

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