Build Strength and Power
with the Best Lateral Raise

The best lateral raise is a preferred exercise by so many weightlifters because it exercises the deltoid muscles located in the shoulders.

It can be done with dumbbells or on a machine, and it uses the motion of lifting both of the arms from the sides of the body in the same movement as a bird flapping its wings.

How to Begin

1. To perform the easy lateral raise, hold a dumbbell of a comfortable weight in either hand.

2. Stand straight with both arms down at your sides, which is your starting position.

3. Raise both of your arms out toward your side until they are at a 90° angle and equal to your shoulders.

It is best to keep your elbows slightly bent throughout this exercise, and make sure that your elbows remain above your wrists at all times.

4. To complete this motion, lower your arms back to your original position, and repeat the exercise for 12 reps.

If you do complete this exercise on a machine, it is normally done with the same motion while you are sitting.

Make sure to start out with lighter weights when beginning this exercise, especially if you have never done it before.

This motion exercises a very small muscle group called the deltoids, so less weight than normal is required. Again, it is highly important to keep your elbows above your hands to receive the greatest benefits because it will put the most pressure on working the deltoids.

Since you are working out with lighter weights than normal, you can do more repetitions if necessary, ranging from 12 to 15. At the end of every set, you should feel a satisfying burn in your shoulders.


** Doing this workout will help to build and shape your deltoids. This is the portion of the shoulder that creates the rounded shape over the arms, and it offers serious definition for both men and women.

** If you are hoping to improve your arms, having sculpted deltoids will make your triceps and biceps look better as a result. For men, it will create the appearance of broad shoulders, and it will help women to look slimmer in the waist.

It is important to make sure that you are doing this exercise correctly, and you will know you have if you are sore when shrugging the next day.

Muscle soreness is a good indication that you have worked out correctly so that your muscles are growing bigger and stronger!

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