What Are the Best Leg
Exercises for Women?

Easy leg exercises for women will tone and strengthen all of the muscle groups in your lower half that you rely upon each day.

A complete program will help you to define and condition your lower half to improve your athletic ability and your overall fitness for daily activities.

Even more importantly, it is essential to do these simple exercises safely and efficiently so that you do not risk any strain or injury to your body.

One of the best tools to have for exercising your legs is a stability ball to get you started.

This provides an added advantage because it challenges your core throughout the entire exercise so that you workout another muscle group at the same time.

1. Start out this exercise by sitting on the stability ball with dumbbells sitting on top of your thighs.

2. Slowly raise your calves for one repetition of the exercise, and return to your starting position.

3. Repeat this exercise for 12 repetitions in three sets. Although this motion seems entirely simple, it is quite challenging for your lower half.

If you need to make this exercise any more difficult, you simply can increase the weights that you are holding on your thighs.

A highly effective workout should include several thigh exercises, which can be done through alternating squats and lunges.

If you have dumbbells at your disposal, you can start out by doing dumbbell squats to exercise the front of your thighs.

Important Tips

** As you squat down holding dumbbells, make sure that your knees do not extend over your ankles, which could cause serious strain and injury.

**This is a helpful exercise that will workout the front of your thighs so that you look toned and lean while increasing your muscle mass.

** In this choice in easy leg exercises for women, make sure that your feet are lined up with your shoulders before you get into the squatting position.

** When you squat down, make it your goal to squat evenly with your knees, and keep the dumbbells by your side so that you do not risk any strain on your back.

**Although this exercise seems basic, when you alternate it with lunges, you will see the greatest result in toning your legs and increasing your strength.

Many women do not pay the proper attention to their lower half, but using the best leg exercises for women will give you noticeable results!

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