The Best Leg Exercises
to Tone your Legs

We all know the latest leg exercises. But do we actually know what to do?

So, we all know the fashion is to have bulging biceps and six packs. Many weight lifters don’t bother about the legs because they don’t attract, but this is a very serious mistake to make.

Serious, professional athletes know that this can lead to bad injuries such as ripping tendons. Also, having giant upper body muscles and scrawny legs is just like having a completely scrawny body as it ruins the effect.

So this page will hopefully tell you how to get those legs bulging.


Squats are very useful as they improve your quads, glutes and hamstrings. Squats are generally known as the king of all leg exercises as they are the most helpful and useful. Squats should definitely be in your mass-building arsenal as they are the main quad building exercises.

Dumb Bell Step Up

The Dumb Bell Step Up targets the glutes and the quads. It is an important exercise to practise as it is one you do every day when climbing up the stairs.

For this reason it is harder and longer to see results as you already get outstanding results every day, but when you give time and are patient your glutes and quads will be worth it as it stretches them and in time with more practising of an every day movement, your muscles grow bigger with a simple step.


Lunges improve your quads and hamstrings, and to perform a lunge correctly, you must have power and co-ordination, which are both vital for sports. So performing a lunge will also help to improve your power, the way you apply it and your co-ordination. As these are all key factors in a good workout, this should be a definite prize winner.

Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian Deadlift is to improve your hamstrings. It is the best way to build muscle mass on the back of your thighs. But if you hold an incorrect form while you are performing it, it can lead to major injuries of the back or it could damage your posture.

Swiss Ball Leg Curl

The Swiss Ball Leg Curl targets to improve your hamstrings by using your own bodyweight. In order for the stretch to be rewarding, always make sure your legs are straight while you are performing it or there will be no effect.

Standing Calf Raise

The Standing Calf Raise targets to improve the calves. This is a very important exercise in your workout as it is hard to grow your calves anyway, because they already work hard by simply walking around.

Try using heavy weights and low reps to force the calf muscles into growth. These are the rare effective exercises which must have a lot of determination to give good results.

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