Leg Extension Exercise
Tutorial for Beginners

The popular leg extension exercise is often used to tone the front of the thighs, also known as the quadriceps.

This can be done with a machine at the gym that uses a lever and a padded bar to allow you to extend your legs with a set amount of weight.

This is often easier to do than with free weights because it will protect the legs from injury as you progress through the exercise.

To do this exercise at the gym, start out by sitting on the padded seat in the machine.

It is best to begin with a lighter weight until you get comfortable, which will prevent injury or overextension. Make sure that your feet are hooked securely under the bar, and adjust the bar accordingly so that it rests at the lower portion of your legs.

If the machine at your gym does not allow you to make this adjustment, it is best not to use it because it could cause unnecessary pressure to injure your legs.

After you are completely adjusted in your lower leg extension exercise, choose an appropriate weight that you can lift for an entire set without strain.

It is best not to use this exercise to test out the maximum strength of your legs, but instead use it to work and condition your lower half.

Grip the bars at your sides to begin the exercise, and breathe outward as you extend your legs completely.

Take care not to lock your knees in this lower leg exercise, and inhale as you lower your legs.

Do three sets of 12 repetitions each, and make sure to increase the weight as your strength grows from doing this exercise.

Although the basic leg extension exercise may seem quite simple, it is actually helpful to condition your lower half.

Your quadriceps are strong and sturdy muscles, so if you want to see greater results in running, bicycling, walking, or even your daily activities, this exercise is not one to be underestimated.

If you are already on a cardiovascular training program, you will see greater results in strength and endurance by toning and training your legs with weight bearing exercises.

That is precisely why this exercise will offer balance to your total workout program so that you can see greater payoffs in increasing strength, burning calories, and maintaining your physique!

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