The Great Benefits of a Leg
Press Exercise for Women

As a woman starting a workout routine, you may shy away from weight bearing exercise, like easy leg press exercise that will tone your lower half.

However, it is so important for a woman to establish a well-rounded workout routine, including these types of lower body exercises, to give you greater results in strengthening your body from head to toe.

Of course, we all use our legs on a regular basis, yet you may not understand how much of a difference it makes in toning and strengthening as you start to condition your legs.

You will see greater mobility and stamina in your daily life, as well as increased endurance in your workout routine.

If you are already doing a cardiovascular workout, it is important to alternate this with weight training so that you can see results in losing weight even more quickly by building lean muscle mass, which will burn more calories than fat.

An easy leg press exercise will target the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

You can do these with a machine at the gym by pressing your feet against the foot plate with weight as resistance.

If you want to target your glutes even more efficiently, you can press your feet more firmly against the foot plate during each repetition of the exercise.

For women, lower leg exercises also provide an added benefit because they will increase bone density to prevent the development of osteoporosis.

Start to lower the foot plate down until your knees reach a 90° angle, but make sure that they do not overextend to prevent injury. Straighten your legs and press upward completely, but do not lock your knees at the extension of the exercise.

This choice in strength exercise will offer dramatic results if you stay focused and slowly extend your legs for a harder workout.

The most important thing to remember within this motion is to keep your lower back neutral so that you do not cause injury.

In many women's exercises, women make the mistake of straining their back to press upward, which will cause an overextension.

Make sure to start out with a weight that is suitable for you and build upward as you gain strength in order to prevent injury.

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