Find Out the Best Leg
Strengthening Exercises

If you are hoping to condition your legs, the best leg strengthening exercises will give you the definition you are looking for!

Your legs are something that you rely on each day to take you to and from your daily activities, yet many people underestimate how necessary it is to train and tone of their lower half to increase power and mobility.

If you already have a cardiovascular program of walking or running, you will see even greater results through using lower and upper leg strengthening exercises to increase your power and stamina.

Your leg muscles can become the fastest muscle group in your body if they are trained well, and these types of exercises will help you to look strong and fit.

In addition to cardio training, you can best tone your legs with expert leg strengthening exercises that will work all muscle groups within one motion.

Lunges are a top choice, and you can start out by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a step forward with your right foot, and keep your hands on your hips to offer balance.

After that, lower your body straight downward with your back leg until it forms a right angle from the knee. Rise back up to the starting position, and repeat for 15 repetitions of three sets per leg.

If you have a knee injury, you can try a variation in exercise by taking a smaller step and bending your knees down only as far as you are comfortable.

This type of exercise may be a challenge for people who have bad knees, and there are many other options available for strengthening the legs that do not place pressure on the knees.

To tone your calves, heel raises are your best choice by far.

This is an exercise that can be done in any location, and you can slowly lift up on your heels to place all of your weight on your calf muscles.

Calves respond very quickly to strength training, and they will soon develop a round and conditioned shape to attract attention. If you want fast results, do 40 repetitions of heel raises in three sets each day.

If you need more of a challenge from this exercise, you can do heel raises on stairs to force your calves to work even harder and gain more muscle mass in a shorter amount of time.

Practice makes perfect!

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