Simple Lower Abdominal Exercises: Purposes and Benefits

For so many men and women, the lower abdominal area is their biggest problem spot, especially since belly fat can often collect at the bottom of the abdomen.

This may be especially true for women who often have a more difficult time getting rid of lower belly fat.

When you factor into that the fact that lower belly fat can be triggered by the stress hormone cortisol, it is much more difficult than many people anticipate to get rid of that lower belly pooch.

Fortunately, when you use the right simple lower abdominal exercises, you can begin to target and condition this problem area. If your upper abdomen is already toned and tight, yet you’re having difficulty with your lower abs, then it does make a difference what type of exercises that you do regularly.

Regular Cardio Exercise

Let’s start with a bit of fact versus fiction. As you are beginning to use lower abdominal exercises to target your abs, are you also doing cardio workouts?

Many people make the mistake of exercising and exercising to tone their problem areas, yet they are not exercising their whole body.

If you are not engaging in regular aerobic and cardiovascular activity, then you will not be able to get rid of your lower belly fat, plain and simple.

Start out by running, walking, hiking, biking, or jogging three times per week for only 30 minutes. This is enough to get your heart pumping and get calories burning. This cardio exercise will make a difference in burning your total body fat so that you can maintain a healthy weight.

Once your body gets closer to a healthy weight, it will be much easier to see serious results from the use of lower abdominal exercises.

Once you have started your workout routine, you may still notice a bit of belly fat that you can’t get rid of. Even people that are in the best condition still use the best lower abdominal exercises to get rid of their stubborn belly fat!

The Best Lower Abdominal Exercises

Without further ado, here are some of the top lower ab exercises that will give you more bang for your buck. When you add these lower ab exercises to your regular workout program, you will start to see serious results very quickly.

• The Plank:

The plank is a simple exercise that will quickly flatten your stomach and strengthen your lower abdominals. As an added bonus, the plank exercise is one of the best lower abdominal exercises to target and strengthen your lower back.

1. To perform the plank, start out in the push-up position with your elbows firmly on the floor.

2. Tighten your midsection, and hold this position for 30 seconds.

3. Release and repeat for three sets.

• Reverse Crunches:

Reverse crunches are a popular choice in abs exercises for many reasons. Instead of performing a traditional crunch, you will target your lower abdominals specifically, strengthening these weak muscles and blasting belly fat.

1. To start the exercise, lie on your back with your lower back against the floor.

2. Slowly lift your knees toward your chest. As you lift your knees, your lower back will lift from the floor.

3. Hold this position for a count of five until you return to starting position.

The best way to perform this exercise is to squeeze your abdominals as you contract to crunch your lower abdominals and burn belly fat.

• The Bicycle:

The bicycle is an old favorite when it comes to lower ab exercises. In this exercise, you will perform a simple bicycle motion by pulling one knee toward your opposite elbow.

Repeat the exercise fluidly in a bicycle motion, and perform 15 repetitions on each side. To see the greatest results from this exercise, make sure that your abdominals are controlling the motion instead of your limbs.

And there you have it! The best lower ab exercises are simple and effective, but they will work wonders to tone your midsection.

In order to see the greatest results, always pair the above exercises with a complete workout routine, cardio exercise, and a nutritional diet.

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