Lower Back Exercises
Reduce Chronic Back Pain

Lower back pain affects men and women alike, and it is often triggered by everyday activities, like sitting at your desk throughout your workday.

Fortunately, you can quickly remedy this issue by using a variety of lower back exercises to strengthen your core, tone your midsection, and greatly improve your mobility!

Here are a few of the best lower back exercises to add to your existing workout routine:

• Supermans:

Just as the name suggests, the Superman exercise requires you to move into a “superhero” position to strengthen the weak muscles in your lower back that support your core.

1. To start this exercise, lie flat on your stomach on a workout mat on the floor.

2. To complete one repetition, contract your lower back and lift your upper and lower body from the ground at the same time.

Try 10 repetitions of this exercise in 2 sets to start, and continue to progress as you gain strength.

• Straight Leg Deadlifts:

This choice in exercising your back is similar to a traditional deadlift. However, straight leg deadlifts place more weight on the lower back and hamstrings to quickly gain strength.

1. To start this exercise, stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and hold a barbell with both hands.

2. Keep one hand facing down and the other hand facing up to give you a better grip.

3. Flex at the waist and slowly lower the barbell until a stretch is felt in the hamstrings and lower back.

4. Return to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Complete 10 repetitions and 2 sets of this exercise, and make sure to have a spotter nearby to prevent any risk of injury.

• Cat Stretch:

The cat stretch is one of the many stretching exercises that will relax and strengthen your lower back at the same time.

1. Begin the exercise on your hands and knees on a workout mat.

2. Slowly contract your stomach and push your spine into an arched position, similar to a cat.

3. Hold for 15 seconds to perform one repetition.

Relax, and repeat this exercise 10 times at the end of your daily workout routine to stretch and strengthen your lower back to prevent injury.

Lower back exercises are incredibly vital within a cohesive workout routine.

If you want any chance of balancing your strength training between your upper and lower body, then you need to protect your core by conditioning weak muscles in your lower back.

For anyone struggling with lower back pain, these exercises will help to relieve stress in this area and prevent injury.

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