The Lunge Exercise 
Use it to Build Strength

The lunge exercise is perfect to begin with for training your entire lower half, yet it is often overlooked in a regular exercise routine.

Many people prefer to try squats, leg presses, leg extensions, and even leg curls, yet they miss out on how simple and effective a basic lunge can be to condition and tone their legs.

This exercise is entirely unique because it works both the hamstrings and quadriceps at the same time.

As an example, if you perform a leg press in your workout, you will be targeting your thighs but not your hamstrings. Conversely, if you perform this basic exercise correctly, you will target both of the major muscle groups in your legs for immediate strengthening and conditioning with visible results.

To make sure that you perform this exercise correctly, start in a standing position.

1. Begin by stepping forward with your right foot, and keep your left foot firmly planted on the ground. Your body weight should naturally shift to the ball of your right foot, and make sure to flex at your knee and hip as you bend your back leg until your knee almost touches the ground.

2. After you have extended to this position, return to your starting position, and repeat the exercise on one leg for 10 repetitions.

3. Change legs, and repeat the exercise again for 10 repetitions. Complete this exercise by doing three sets on either leg or until your legs are sore and fatigued.

If you want to make the basic exercise even more challenging, you can hold dumbbells in both of your hands or a barbell across your shoulders.

Many men and women also make this exercise much more intense by performing it in bursts of activity at a faster pace while holding weights.

In fact, you may have seen this exercise performed in this method in aerobics or weightlifting classes, where they use the basic lunge exercise to increase the heart rate and burn extra fat by adding intensity to the motion.

If you want to condition your lower half and also burn fat quickly, this is the perfect exercise to start with!

If you happen to be a runner or hiker, adding this exercise to your regular workout routine will help to condition your legs so that you see even greater results the next time that you workout and do cardiovascular activity.

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