Shape Sexy Shoulders with
the Lying Reverse Lateral Raise

The perfect lying reverse lateral raise is a different exercise altogether that targets the difficult to reach area of the rear shoulders.

Not only will this sculpt and shape your shoulders to create a defined look, but it will also tone the muscles of your upper back as an added bonus.

Best Lying Reverse Lateral Raise Tips:

Start out lying on a workout bench on your stomach with your legs supporting you on the floor.

Look downward throughout the exercise.

Grip dumbbells in both of your hands with palms facing each other on the floor.

Lift the weights from the floor straight out to the side, and concentrate on working your back and shoulders.

At the top of the exercise, squeeze your shoulder blades together for several seconds, and then slowly lower to the start position.

** You can repeat this exercise for 12 reps and three sets to get the maximum benefits from the easy lying reverse lateral raise.

If you already exercise your shoulders and back, you will notice that this motion creates serious sculpting and definition in balancing the shoulders with the back.

For women, there is no reason to be concerned about using heavier weights for this exercise because it will only define and tone your back without adding too much bulk.

Interestingly enough, this exercise can also be done with only one arm at a time for added focus.

It is best to start out with lighter weights and build your way up to more weight so that you don't strain or cause injury to your back or neck.

What you may not realize is that even using a moderate amount of weight in this exercise will be highly effective because these tips will target areas of the shoulders that are difficult to workout through standard exercise.

Integrate this exercise into your regular workout routine when you workout your back, chest, and arms.

This will target the back deltoids, which are a helpful supporting muscle for the upper arms and chest.

If you are having a difficult time building strength through other upper body exercises, this exercise will give you that extra jumpstart to your strength training results so that you can see even greater mass and definition.

Lastly, this exercise can also be done with plates if you do not have dumbbells available, but make sure to use a spotter in this instance.

This exercise is most safely done with dumbbells that you are comfortable lifting until you can progress to a larger weight group.

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