Easy Tips for the
One-Arm Row Exercise

The one-arm row is quite beneficial because it strengthens your shoulders and biceps, but it is important to use the right technique if you have issues with your lower back.

First Get Yourself Set

To start out performing this exercise, stand to the right of your workout bench, and hold a dumbbell in your right hand with your palms facing inward.

Step up onto the bench with your left knee, and steady yourself with your left hand. Let your right arm and dumbbell hang down at your side, slightly forward.

Make sure to engage your core as you begin the dumbbell one-arm row exercise by pulling in your abdominals and bending your hips forward so that your back is naturally arched.

Bring in your chin toward your chest slightly so that your neck remains in line with your spine.

Now to start this exercise

1. Pull your right arm up until your elbow is pointed at the ceiling, and make sure that your upper arm remains parallel to the floor.

2. Lower the weight slowly back down to the starting position

3. Repeat this exercise 10 times in three sets as a part of your complete upper body workout.

Important Tips

To make sure that you receive the most out of the one-arm row dumbbell exercise, focus on pulling in your back muscles underneath your shoulders.

* Don’t simply move your arm loosely up and down, but engage your back muscles to target yet another muscle group. Think of your arm as a book that is connected to this weight, which is being pulled upward by your back muscles.

* It is also helpful to engage your core in the one arm dumbbell row by keeping your abs pulled in the entire time.

* To prevent strain or injury to your back during this exercise, make sure that your back is held neutral and straight without sagging or hunching.

* If you are at the gym, you can perform this exercise on a rowing machine instead of using dumbbells. When you use a rowing machine, you can perform the exercise with only one arm, but make sure that you again keep your chest tall so that you don’t cause any type of strain to your back.

When this exercise is done with the right technique, it will help you strengthen and define your back through this simple motion!

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