Simple Outer Triceps Workout: Professional Fitness Tips

When it is conditioned and defined, the outer tricep is an impressive muscle to say the least. It will stick out from your upper arm and make the arm appear thicker in size.

If you are looking for power and definition in your upper body, then the outer triceps workout is the perfect exercise to add to your fitness routine.

This exercise focuses on the tail of the triceps. Perhaps the most common triceps exercise is the standing tricep press done on the lat machine.

However, there are a number of triceps workout exercises that you can add to your regular fitness routine to diversify your results:

• Flared Elbow Pushdowns:

In this triceps workout, perform a tricep pushdown as you normally would. The main difference is that you will keep your elbows wide in the exercise to workout the outer tricep muscles.

• Reverse Grip Pushdowns:

To perform this triceps workout, keep your palm facing forward, and perform the pushdown motion on the cable machine using only one arm. To see even greater results from this exercise, try to rotate your hand outward as you push down in the extension.

• Close Grip Bench Press:

This triceps workout exercise is best performed with flared elbows. As you complete the close grip bench press motion, point your elbows out to the side to workout the outer tricep muscles.

• Reverse Grip Kickbacks:

Perform this triceps workout with a palm down grip. Try to rotate your hands outward when completing the exercise for maximum results.

• Tricep Dips:

An exercise as simple as tricep dips will offer serious results in working the outer triceps. Start the exercise by placing your hands next to your glutes on a workout bench. Make sure to move your elbows out wide to work the outer tricep muscle.

If you want to make the tricep dip even more difficult, ask your workout partner to push down on your shoulders for added resistance.

If you want well-balanced and defined arms, then outer triceps workout exercises are the way to go.

Instead of focusing only upon your biceps in regular curls and chest and shoulder exercises, building size in your triceps will make a serious difference in your upper body.

Triceps are definitely the missing link in upper body training for many people. If they are flat, you will have a difficult time achieving balance and shape in your upper arms. If you are able to workout the triceps with the outer triceps workout, then you will be able to make a great impression based on the size of your arms.

Many people using regular strength training to work their upper arms do not workout the tricep muscle as a whole. Yes, you may have focused upon the tricep to build muscle mass, but the outer triceps also needs to be trained to distribute size evenly.

When you perform the traditional tricep exercises above using different grips and flared elbows, you will be able to change the resistance in your exercises to effectively target and strengthen your outer tricep muscle.

The Triceps Have 3 Parts

For an even greater understanding of your physique, it is important to realize that the tricep muscle has three main parts: the outer, middle, and inner head of the muscle.

These three muscles lie next to one another, but the two muscles on the outside are twice as long as the middle muscle.

When all three muscles are worked out effectively in the outer triceps workout, you will see a defined horseshoe shape in your upper arm. This horseshoe shape is something that many people look for as a sign of achievement that they have attained the cut and defined triceps they have been looking for.

The outer head the tricep muscle can be best targeted by changing your grip and elbow positioning. Most traditional tricep exercises will hit the inner head, but when you vary your hand grip and the motion of the exercise, you will be able to stimulate and work the outer head effectively.

When you work the entire tricep muscle as a whole, you can finally have the shape and definition in your upper arms that you have been looking for.

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