Tone and Shape with
Pilates Leg Exercises

Pilates leg exercises will offer you the flexibility and strength that you are looking for, and they will also give you tone and definition in your legs.

In fact, you may be familiar with some of these common exercises, like leg circles, single leg stretches, and kicks.

These are the perfect exercises to create a workout for strengthening and conditioning, while also providing flexibility to improve your range of motion.

Easy Pilates Leg Exercises

Pilates is often known for strengthening the core, but it can provide the same tone and flexibility through using these simple Pilates leg exercises for conditioning.

This will give you the same definition and strength of a hard-core workout without having to worry about feeling sore and unable to walk.

Even better, Pilates will simultaneously work the core through these exercises so that you have an added payoff from your Pilates routine.

Leg Circles

This choice in toning will stretch and strengthen the muscles of the legs to provide flexibility in the upper thigh and hip.

1. Start by lying on your back on a Pilates mat with your foot flexed, and lift your other leg up at a 90° angle with the foot flexed as well.

2. Start circling the raised leg eight times in either direction, and inhale to begin and exhale when you bring your leg back to the starting position.

It is important to keep your hands by your sides throughout this exercise, and maintain control over your leg so that it does not swing back and forth, which will deeply work your upper thigh and abdominals.

Single Leg Stretch

These leg exercises will provide core strength and workout the thighs, while increasing the flexibility in your back and legs.

1. Start out by lying back on your mat with your head and shoulders lifted. Pull one knee into your chest, and extend your other leg so that it is raised off of the floor.

2. Keep your head and shoulders lifted from the ground, and engage your abdominal muscles to pull one knee to your chest with both hands while extending the other leg. Inhale and exhale as you alternate your legs for 8 to 12 repetitions.

As you can see, both of these strengthening exercises will make a serious difference in toning your legs so that they are shapely and conditioned. Even better, you will receive the added payoff of strengthening your core and reducing back pain!

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