Tips to Do the Perfect Pull-Up

One of the most common myths that you may have heard about the pull-up is that it is something that women cannot do.

Luckily, this is far from the truth, and as a man or a woman, you can execute this exercise perfectly in a few simple steps as you build your upper body strength.

If you’re new to the exercise, you can use an assisted machine at the gym, or you can also stand on a chair underneath a pull-up bar until you build more strength in your upper body.

This is a progressive exercise that requires you to build more and more upper body strength, where you will soon be able to improve your capabilities and do several sets all by yourself.

To start the exercise, make sure that you are holding the bar with your hands shoulder width apart and your palms away from you.

Pull your body up until your chin is over the bar, and finish the exercise by returning to a hanging position. If you have a difficult time doing the motion, you can also use the negative form of the exercise.

This is a half motion, where all you have to do is pull your chin directly over the bar with the use of a spotter or a chair, and then continue to lower down and pull back to your starting position. This is the perfect method to use to continue to build strength until you can do this exercise on your own.

The proper form is really what matters when it comes to doing the perfect pull-up, so if you do need to use assistance, a chair, or a spotter, there is no shame in that.

To further develop your upper body strength so that you can do this exercise perfectly, it helps to tone your back, shoulder, and chest muscles with bicep curls and dumbbell rows.

As an example, the dumbbell row is another exercise that will help to further strengthen your back as you pull dumbbells into your chest in a motion similar to starting a lawnmower.

Bicep curls are especially helpful to target your bicep area, which can be done with either a barbell or a dumbbell as you pulled the weight to your chest with your palms facing upward.

Both of the strengthening exercises will give you the conditioning you need to complete this exercise perfectly in no time!

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