The Seated Dumb-Bell Curl
Will Provide Serious Results!

By now, you have probably already realized that the dumbbell curl is a perfect biceps exercise to target each individual bicep muscle.

This is an exercise that bodybuilders have used for years to develop strong arm muscles, yet the seated dumb-bell curl can provide even greater benefits by focusing the resistance on the arm muscles exclusively.

Why should you try this exercise?

Because this exercise is perfect for isolating each individual bicep muscle, and it will help to ensure that both of your arms are strong, large, and defined.

There are many variations of the basic bicep curl, but this exercise is quite useful because you can sit on an incline to place your bicep muscles in a vulnerable position so that they are targeted even more effectively.

The seated curl is perfect to use if you have exhausted your resources in doing a traditional bicep curl.

This means that you have done a regular bicep curl so many times that you find it difficult to gain more strength from the exercise, so you need to mix it up and use variations to see greater results in improving the definition of your arms.

1. This exercise is done by sitting on an incline bench with your arms down by your side, holding dumbbells in each hand.

2. Make sure that both of your palms are facing forward, and slowly curl the dumbbells up until they are directly above your chest.

3. In the seated dumb-bell curl exercise, you can do the motion with both arms at the same time or alternate arms to focus on one muscle group.

4. This is an especially effective exercise because you can also lower the incline even further to make sure that your biceps are targeted successfully.

New to this Exercise?

Start out with your bench at a 90° angle until you get accustomed to the motion.

Furthermore, when you have your bench set on an incline, make sure that you have a spotter with you to prevent you from dropping the weights and injuring your face or chest.

When done correctly, this dumbbell exercise is ideal to increase the muscle mass and size of your biceps.

If you have been having a difficult time increasing the strength of your biceps through traditional arm resistance exercises, the simple variation of the incline dumbbell curl will make a difference in improving your strength and shape in a short amount of time!

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