Shoulder Pain Exercises
to Provide Quick Relief

If you have an injury or strain in your shoulder, shoulder pain exercises are important to use for immediate relief.

One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is a sore tendon that will start to affect the rotator cuff, which is responsible for turning the shoulder in a circular motion.

Another common cause of shoulder injury is soreness in the fluid sac found under the highest part of the shoulder.

This soreness can often occur after lifting, painting, or even playing a sport, where you are required to lift your arms over and over again. For this reason, it is important to use effective exercises to stretch and support the shoulder to reduce your risk of injury.

For many people, they must rest their shoulders before trying any shoulder pain exercises. If you have injured your shoulder, it is important to consult with your doctor first of all, and then rest your shoulder as directed so that it has time to repair. Once your shoulder is back to better condition, special shoulder pain exercises will be helpful.

Basic shoulder pain exercises will help to improve your range of motion greatly. You can bend over at the waist, supporting yourself with a chair, and slowly move your shoulder in large rotations to increase flexibility in the rotator cuff.

This is an exercise that is often used for a frozen shoulder to provide immediate relief to pain and discomfort. If you want to increase your results from this exercise, you can use a resistance band or hold a light dumbbell in your hand to increase strength.

Resistance Band Training

A resistance band can become your best friend when it comes to shoulder pain exercises. Many people with stiffness in their shoulder or an injury are not yet ready to lift free weights, so a resistance band is a gentle alternative.

If you’re hoping to strengthen your rotator cuff, you can stand next to a closed door, and loop a resistance band around the doorknob.

Hold the resistance band in the hand that is closest to the door, and bend your elbow at a 90° angle. Pull the resistance band directly across your torso to strengthen and stretch your rotator cuff.

Start off slowly with one set of 10 exercises, and increase the number of sets that you complete as you see relief from your shoulder pain. It is important to do this exercise every day.

Shoulder Strengthening

One of the best strengthening shoulder pain exercises can be done with a simple dumbbell. As you start to experience relief from your shoulder pain, lie down on your right side with your right arm supporting you.

Hold a weight in your left hand with your forearm across your torso. While keeping your upper arm still, raise the weight with your forearm into a 90° angle.

This will gently and effectively strengthen only your shoulder so that you can build up muscle conditioning to prevent the risk of injury.

In addition to regular shoulder exercises, it is important to stick to cardio exercise whenever possible. Regular aerobic exercise will help to improve your blood flow to quickly heal your injury.

This increased circulation will also help to reduce soreness in a stiff shoulder muscle. It is also important that smokers quit smoking as quickly as possible so that more oxygen can reach the injured shoulder to speed up the healing process.

If your shoulder requires surgery, it is important to use the shoulder exercises that have been directed by your physician or physical therapist. It is also crucial not to over extend your shoulder after a surgery since it could do more harm than good.

Once your shoulder begins to heal, you can begin your regular upper body strength training routine. As you focus on strengthening and conditioning your muscles, including your deltoids, it will help to increase the strength of your shoulders to greatly reduce the risk of injury in the future.

As always, make sure to start out slowly when lifting weight after a shoulder injury. It is best to start out with a low weight at higher repetitions and build your weight up accordingly as your shoulder gets stronger.

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