The Best Shoulder Rehab
Exercises to Prevent Injury

If you are looking for the best shoulder rehab exercises, you have come to the right place.

So many people do not take care in their regular activities or weight training routine, often causing a tear or injury in the shoulder muscle.

This is exactly why you need to do exercises that support your deltoids and shoulder joints to prevent the risk of further injury.

The overall strength of your shoulder depends upon coordinating several muscle groups through shoulder rehab exercises. These muscles include the deltoid, the rotator cuff, and the pectoral muscles.

Simple shoulder rehab exercises can be used to improve the coordination of these muscle groups and also optimize the strength of the shoulder as a whole.

If you have recently been injured or have undergone surgery, it is important to consult with your doctor before trying any shoulder rehab exercises to ensure your safety.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

This simple exercise will work to effectively strengthen the shoulders and prevent injury in daily activity.

1. Start the exercise standing in a comfortable position with your feet shoulder width apart. Your chin should be tucked in slightly, and your shoulders should be pulled back.

2. Begin the exercise by squeezing your shoulder blades together as hard as you can without pain.

3. Hold this exercise for 10 seconds, and repeat the exercise 10 times in total.

Shoulder Shrug

This is another strengthening choice in shoulder rehab exercises that will help to support your shoulder and upper back muscles.

1. Begin the exercise by standing comfortably with your back and neck neutral. Keep your arms at your sides with your palms facing forward.

2. Begin by slowly pulling one shoulder toward your ear as far as you can without any pain.

3. Hold the exercise for 10 seconds, and repeat it for a total of 10 repetitions as you alternate each side.

Shoulder Pendulum

This is a helpful exercise to use after surgery or injury for rehabilitation.

1. Start the exercise by standing by a weight bench or chair.

2. Bend at the waist, and place your right arm on the chair for support. Stay bent over at a 90° angle, and begin to move your body in a circular motion so that your hanging arm moves clockwise 10 times and counterclockwise 10 times.

3. Repeat this exercise 3 times per day to greatly increase mobility and flexibility in each shoulder.

Shoulder Flex

1. To perform this exercise, lie flat on your back on the floor on a mat.

2. Clasp both of your hands together in front of you, and lift your arms directly over your head. Try to keep your elbows as straight as possible, and feel the stretch in your shoulders as your arms are extended completely.

3. Repeat this exercise 10 times at 3 separate intervals throughout the day to improve shoulder mobility.

The above shoulder rehab exercises can be used to increase mobility and improve the strength of the shoulder after surgery or injury.

In fact, these are exercises that swimmers will often use to strengthen and promote flexibility in their shoulders. Although swimming is a low impact exercise, it is easy for a swimmer to experience stiffness or injury in their shoulders since the shoulders are the supporting muscle group in swimming.

As always, make sure to balance the above exercises with a regular strength training routine if it is approved by your physician. You will see the greatest results in protecting your shoulder if you are using a weight training routine to strengthen your deltoids and upper body.

When you are training, make sure to start out with a light enough weight that challenges your muscles but does not over train your shoulders.

As you start out slowly, you can begin to build strength in your shoulders and increase the weight as necessary to improve the size, definition, and flexibility of your shoulders.

If you have any difficulty using free weights because of a shoulder injury, then the next best solution is the use of a resistance band.

A resistance band can help you to exercise your shoulders in the same way, yet you won’t have to worry about straining the muscles or tearing a joint when using free weights or a barbell.

If you have very weak shoulders, you can start out exercising at home with a resistance band until you are able to increase your strength and graduate to free weights in your weight training routine.

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