What Muscles Does the
Shoulder Shrug Exercise Target?

The shrug exercise, better known as the shoulder shrug, is something that can easily be done with dumbbells or a machine at the gym.

This exercise provides benefits in working the trapezius muscle, which is found on the back of your neck, and it will help your shoulders to appear larger and fuller.

The key to this exercise is to stand up the straightest possible and pull your shoulders up to your ears.

It is important not to roll your shoulders in the exercise because it could cause strain in this range of motion. When you shrug your shoulders upward, make sure to breathe out, and keep your legs shoulder width apart throughout the exercise.

Tighten your core and abdominal muscles to get even further benefits, and focus on keeping your posture straight and neutral. Hold this exercise at the top of the motion for several seconds so that the muscles can become even stronger.

This exercise is recommended to workout and define the trapezius muscle, and if you are looking for an improved and conditioned physique, do five sets of 12 repetitions.

If you are at the gym and are using a barbell instead of dumbbells, the exercise can be done with the same motion by holding a barbell in your hands.

The important thing to keep in mind if you want to build definition in your shoulders through this exercise is that you need to build up your weight gradually.

If you use weight that is too heavy as you start out in this exercise, it could cause strain, pain, or even injury.

A recommended workout technique for this exercise is to use the pyramid style of workout. This means that you should do your first set at 20% of your maximum weight, and then increase the weights for your next set.

From there, increase the weights again, and reduce your amount of repetitions to 8. For your very last set, use your maximum amount of weight, and do one set of 4 to 6.

When you can easily perform this last set with the maximum amount of weight, it is time to increase your weights yet again.

Although this exercise seems quite simple, it is especially effective to target the small muscles in your shoulders. If you are having a difficult time shaping and defining your shoulders and upper back, this simple exercise will give you the extra push to sculpt and further tone your physique!

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