Learn How to
Best Do a Sit-up

You may not be aware that you could be using an improper sit-up technique every time that you workout!

Not only is this detrimental to your fitness results, but it is also a waste of time that you have spent in exercising. Even more, doing an improper crunch exercise could cause serious issues in lower back pain with the potential risk for injury.

To keep yourself protected, here are the steps that you have been looking for from expert personal trainers to do a first-rate sit-up

1. Lay back flat on the floor on your back, and bend at the knees. Place both of your hands behind your head, or you can cross them over your chest if that is more comfortable.

2. Suck in your bellybutton toward your spine, and press your back flat against the floor.

3. Contract your abdominals slowly, and pull your shoulder blades up from the floor by 2 inches.

4. Exhale as you pull upward, and keep your neck relaxed with your chin straight.

5. Hold this motion for a few seconds, but continue to breathe the entire time.

6. Lower back down from this situp, but do not relax your abs completely.

7. Repeat this technique for 15 to 20 repetitions with the same form each time.

8. To make a variation, you can pull in your knees when you lift your upper body from the floor, which is called a full-body sit-up.

9. To make this technique even more difficult, balance your body on top of a large exercise ball. 

Yes, this motion seems entirely simple, but it will give you even better results in defining your abs if you keep your neck relaxed and properly aligned.

If you have a difficulty keeping your back on the floor the entire time, focus more on your back than the crunch motion to keep it protected.

If your back does happen to arch, prop your feet underneath a step to remain secure until your abdominals get stronger.

If you would like to make this exercise more difficult, you can hold a weight plate, a medicine ball, or a dumbbell to your chest to add resistance and further strengthen your abs.

These tips for the best crunch exercise may seem basic, yet when it is done correctly, it will give you that six-pack that you have been dreaming of with less effort on your part! 

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