Use a Standing Calf Raise
to Shape Your Legs

A standing calf raise is very effective to have in your exercise program, especially if you are having a difficult time shaping your calf muscles through traditional exercises. 

This will target the muscles found below your knee on the back of your lower legs, which are often used when you are walking, running, and jumping.

In fact, regular runners frequently experienced tightness in their calf muscles, and this exercise will help to both stretch and define the calf muscles.

This exercise can also be helpfully used as part of a rehabilitation program for those who have injured their ankles.

Luckily, performing this exercise is incredibly easy, and all you need is a set of stairs or an exercise step at your home or in the gym.

If you want to perform this exercise at home, you can use your stairs either indoor or outside. If you are new to doing the standing calf raise, make sure that you have a railing nearby that you can hold onto for balance to stay safe while you workout.

1. Start out the standing calf raise exercise by standing on the step with your heel hanging off of the backside.

2. Make sure that only the ball of your foot is balanced on the step, and then flex and rise up on your toes as high as possible.

This motion will place all of your weight on your calf muscles so that they can strengthen and tone during the repetition.

3. From there, return to your starting position, and make sure that your heel does not lower below the level of the step.

Repeat this exercise 12 times on each leg for three sets total, and use this exercise regularly within your workout program.

If you hike, run, or cycle regularly, this is a beneficial exercise to tone and condition your legs, and it is also useful to give you sleek and shapely legs to catch attention.

If you do have an ankle injury or a weak ankle, you can do this exercise while you are seated to prevent excess strain on your ankles and joints. If you want more of a challenge within the exercise, hold a barbell or dumbbell to add weight to your calves so that they have to work even harder and become stronger as a result.

This exercise is truly one of the quickest ways to condition your legs!

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