Tone Your Stomach Muscles
Sculpting Exercises

Toning your stomach muscles is helpful for both men and women because it will not only give you a beautiful look to your midsection, but it will also reduce your risk for heart disease.

Many people do not realize that if they don’t reduce the size of their midsection, they could be at risk for a number of diseases and potentially cause damage to their heart.

This is why it is important to focus on toning and sculpting your stomach muscles, which will also give your core the strength that it needs to protect your back from injury.

In fact, if you do have a bad back or have had injury or strain to your back, toning and sculpting your belly will help protect your back from further issue in your daily activity.

The best tool to have on your side when sculpting and toning your abs is a Pilates ball.

This allows you to do basic crunches and sit-ups off of the floor so that there is less strain put on your back and neck. However, these easy exercises will also provide you the benefit of placing more resistance on your core so that your traditional sit-up is transformed into a more effective targeting and toning exercise.

1. To begin with, tone your core by lying back on a Pilates ball and doing a series of regular crunches.

2. To make this exercise slightly more difficult, lift one of your legs straight into the air at a 90° angle.

3. This simple change in motion will put more pressure on your stomach muscles so that they are targeted even more deeply.

Otherwise, if you do not have a Pilates ball, you can do an age old toning exercise called the bicycle.

This involves lying flat on your back with your hands behind your head.

1. To start the exercise, you will bring one knee at a time in a 45° angle to your chest with the other leg out stretched.

2. Continue to pedal in a bicycle motion very slowly, and you will feel the burn and toning in your core the entire time.

3. Repeat this exercise by alternating with the pedaling motion for three sets of 12 reps.

These simple exercises will give you the toning and definition you have been looking for in a sculpted and strong core to protect your back from strain and potential injury!

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